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Sep. 20, 2006

General Bitching

Well, it’s official. I’m ready to NOT BE PREGNANT anymore. That’s right. I’m done. I mean it.

I’m concerned that if I brush up against a scratchy surface, I will pop. Seriously.

I have exactly two weeks until my scheduled saw the woman in half magic trick c-section.

I had a rather bad experience the first c-section so my anticipation and anxiety is greatly enhanced.

I saw my doctor today and begged to be placed on a waiting list in case someone scheduled before me canceled. She laughed and thought I was kidding. Then she dropped her gaze to look closer at me and realized I wasn’t kidding and went on to tell me it would be too soon etc.

Alec is in school; I have time on my hands and zero motivation to do anything.

Oh, and, it’s Seattle and therefore raining, dreary, cold and miserable! And who are the jokers who always say ‘oh, Seattle is nice throughout Sept?' No, it’s not. It will rain and be miserable until the 5th of July as it is almost every year.

Or, maybe it’s just me who’s miserable.

At least The Biggest Loser and America’s Next Top Model are on tonight.

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Hang in there Kristine, it's almost over and what a great present you will get! I remember those times in the doctor's office as Marcel and the doctor would talk about how long I could go (beyond) my due date. Physically, pretty long, mentally not so long :)

I remember getting to that point and it wasn't fun, but it will be over soon and you're almost there!


It's not raining it's just drizzle, just wait until December when it is dark at 2pm & pouring oh that's right, you'll be in sunny Austin, TX with your swimming pool & a tan. Naked children running around. Will you think of us poor saps in Seattle then. I think not. On a brighter note, you'll have a girl to play with. Keep us posted. Anna


Hi Sis, Are you two moving to Texas? Have you chosen a name? I have really been enjoying your page. Happy belated birthday to Alec. Roger


Hang in there kiddo! I hear 2nd time around c-sections are a breeze! And you still get the drugs! Enjoy the time on your hands, there is not much of it left..... nothing like the voice of doom....


My friend gave birth to a baby girl last week and was going out of her mind before then!!!! How us mothers forget this. The last few weeks of pregnancy are maddening! Hold on, and remember, my 2nd "saw a woman in half trick" was absolutely fabulous!!! You will marvel on how easy it all is, kind of like cheating on a school exam! (However, I do remember feeling like the doctors were rumaging in a drawer as they pulled my baby out!!!!!) Anyway, enjoy your freedom. Alec is in school and you should make the most of having some time on your own!


I just found your blog on 9 rules. I have 8 weeks until my "saw the woman in half magic trick" (also my 2nd time around). Oh how I wish I was only 2 weeks away!! Good luck!!


Amelia - thanks and to you too.

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