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Sep. 5, 2006

First Day Of Pre-School

So, after much anticipation and many sleepless nights (oh, including last night as my thoughtful husband thought I could use another two hours of worrying in the middle of night by WAKING me up because I was bothering HIS sleep. Never mind the perfectly good UNOCCUPIED guestroom down the hall, instead, let’s wake up the very pregnant one who can't seem to sleep any longer and who desperately needs it, mid-snooze to advise her of her loud breathing that is bothersome to husband’s perfect night of sleep) my babe went to pre-school today for SIX hours.

By himself.

Without me.

O.k. I drove him there but dumped dropped him off. Well, I kinda didn’t drop him off but lingered like a teenager outside a convenience store trying to score beer, waving dollars to adults with ID. (Just guessing that happens).

I had a handy notebook with ‘several’ things to ‘remind the teachers of’. I’m sure they loved it. They only have 15 other kids to supervise and I’m sure they have 0 needs.

Then, my friend who’s almost 5 year old son also goes to the school, coincidentally invited me to go to coffee right after school started.

Hmmmm…I think she was trying to save me the embarrassment she knew I’d show by sneaking around the building, peeking in windows. I think she also didn’t want them knowing further how freaked I was as she kind of referred me to this school. Smart gal.

It worked. She and I went to coffee which I desperately needed due to above selfish husband act. She kept me pretty distracted for about an hour though I’d abruptly ask a playground safety question mid-topic of hers. She didn’t seem to mind – nice gal she is!

So, then it was only 10:00am and I went downtown to shop. I don’t typically go downtown very often so was reminded of the great shops, restaurants and lots of people. I forgot how cool it is to be in an urban place.

Anyway, I did a little shopping and then decided to drive back to the burbs when I realized it was only 12:30.

So, I called husband to see if he wanted to pop out for a lunch date with wife and he did. I was almost over my anger with him for last night and we got to have a nice lunch, just the two of us.

I have to say it was an odd day as I felt a little guilty but not as much as I thought I might. It was interesting trying to figure out what to do for six hours when you’re not used to it.

I picked up Alec at 3:00 and was advised he ‘did great but didn’t nap’.

Good enough for me. He wasn't dehydrated, was in one piece, not mad at me and not dead.

He also said he’d like to go back tomorrow. Sweet.

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You survived! I am so proud of you! I knew you could do it, but mostly, I knew Alec could do it! He is great and will excel in this new little "school" environment. I was pleased to hear you "lunched" with your hubby (hence your lack of sleep and lack of level headed-ness due to No sleep!). This was the perfect way to celebrate your first afternoon of Mommy freedom. You should try to do lunch once a week with your Hubby. Isn't it nice not to be worring about what Alec is wanting or needing for an hour, two hours and even 6 hours! You will really enjoy this "me" time. Enjoy it now, for another month and then...BAM! Baby Girl! Back to square one. Enjoy, Relax, Spa, Shop, Lunch, Secret Meeting with Hubby.....whatever it takes Take it all in, it will go fast. Then, you will have two little ones demanding your full attention at all times.

Once again, I am proud of you. I was glad to be there for you this morning. If you need me tomorrow or the next or the next, just let me know. I'll be there for you!


I knew you could do it!!!!


Hey, Kristine, I love reading your column. You are SO funny!!! Don't know if that is an Olson trait or not - my dad sure had a good sense of humor, likewise Karen, and all my kids! So glad everything worked out OK - it usually does but it's Mommy's job to worry. And the best thing is, Alec wants to go back. Kids love being with other kids. Now you'll get to hear some interesting "stories." I'll get my pics off to you soon. Love to all, Sonja


Yours went to preschool and mine to High School. Luckily mine went on a bus and probably would have made me drop off at least a block away if I had driven. They grow up fast. First preschool, next Kindegarten, middle school, High School Goes by fast but feelings remain the same at every milestone.


Cheryl - thanks for offering (again!). You were quite the helper!


Shannon - congrats to you. High School is quite the milestone indeed! I can't even imagine that far. I'm scared.


Congratulations! I was looking forward to the update and as usual, you didn't disappoint. It sounds like a great transition!


I'm laughing to myself as I'm picturing you loitering around Alec's classroom, peeking in windows and trying not to get caught being a freak. I'm glad you got distracted by a GOOD friend that took you to coffee. I can't talk though because I cried like a little baby when my son went off to the Navy. Trust me,the feeling of wanting to protect your babies never goes away. You just learn to deal with it while trying not to embarrass yourself, or your child, too much.