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Sep. 17, 2006

Diaper Dilemma – Disposable Or Cloth?

When I was first pregnant with Alec, my husband and I discussed the things that were important to one or both of us.

  1. Christian was adamant that we not circumcise and I hadn’t an opinion either way so we didn’t.
  2. We both wanted Alec to be breastfed for as long as…was reasonably possible. I think I said I’d make 6 months my goal. I made 7.
  3. At 4 months pregnant, I didn’t know crap about babies so I quit my job deciding I needed to be a stay-at-home mom. Probably should have consulted husband on this first. Christian came around after the initial shock (and fear we were sure to be destitute) wore off.
  4. Christian was quite insistent that we not add to landfills by using disposable diapers and use cloth instead.

That one we never agreed on as I was just as adamant that we NOT use cloth as I couldn’t wrap my head around how it all worked. It seemed like an impossible goal to me. Plus, how could we go out in public?

How could we use those stupid tiny changing tables in bathrooms that have no shelf for the actual diapers, wipes etc? (whoever designed those was on crack, or possibly heroin. Maybe just drunk but they’re quite ridiculous.)

Plus again, how am I suppose to discreetly breastfeed in public and have to cart around bulky poopy stinky gross diapers?

So, we never agreed and as I was the primary diaper changer, I demanded the nice, pricey, perfectly fit Huggies. End of discussion.

Now, as I’m ready to have another baby and feel like I’ve kind of ‘got it down’ now, I have to admit my curiosity about cloth has piqued.

I never wanted to add to the landfills, I just didn’t get the whole cloth diaper thing and frankly still don’t.

I popped over to Mom Advice who always has great tips on baby bargains, making home life with children easier etc. and found an article on Cloth Diapering 101.

Great I thought. Well, yes and no. There are soooo many choices, it seems too complicated again! I should have started this research months ago but now I feel like time is running too short to get this stuff down.

Kind of like the La Leche League, what I need is a Cloth Diapering Nazi (did I say that?) to come to my house, show me how it’s done and tell me exactly what I need.

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Hey Kristine! I used cloth for the first two years with Cole. Not that big of a deal since you won't be using daycare for the baby. They're easy enough to use once you get the hang of it. And if you use a diaper service, even better. I used the service for the first year and then washed them myself the next year. Definitely prefer the service, but it wasn't that bad to do them myself. I kept a box of latex gloves by the washing machine and the diaper bucket and always washed my hands really good afterwards as well. It does save A LOT of garbage and it's great for the environment. Truthfully, it's never as convenient as disposables, but you need to figure out what is more important to YOU. You're the one who has to deal with the laundry, so it's YOUR choice. I have some other tips if you decide to go cloth. Let me know.


Admittedly, I know exactly squat about diapers and diaper changing... it does not sound like fun. But I've heard about disposable diapers, biogradeability (is that a word?) and landfills. Easy for me to say as a non-parent, but I'm all for the cloth. We should probably try to have a good clean continent for all the new kiddies to grow up on. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go find a good price on a new hybrid.


Wow! So many choices....Big decision for you. I, as you know chose to fill the landfills I guess. Sometimes I feel really guilty but I hope that somehow, someday it will all work itself out???? Yeah right. I chose the simplicity and the easiest for the boys, oh and for ME! Oops... I really did think about the whole cloth diaper thing and my "elders" told me I was nuts! This of course coming from the mothers who had to wash out those nasty cloth diapers years ago! (I too remember ever so slightly babysitting when I was young, I hated it!) Maybe this is why I chose disposable? Anyhow, it is all your choice and only yours since it will most likely be you doing the "cleaning out". I think the best route is cloth and all the more power to you girlfriend. You are definately a better person than I am and are better at your time management! Good luck. Here's to our future's in your hands....


Thanks so much for mentioning the article. I hope that it helps aid you in your decision.I chose the landfill the first time and this time I chose cloth. There are definite pros and cons with both methods. It has been such a learning experience for me- do what you guys feel comfortable with and the next time around, you might want to try something different :) Thanks again for linking to us!!


Hey there, I just found your blog through 9rules. ANYway - I've been cloth diapering for the last 5 years. I've tried quite a few different brands of cloth diapers (both WAHM and commercial) and I always come back to my ProRaps and prefolds. You can get the prefolds on ebay dirt cheep, and it's been my experience that baby will outgrow the ProRap before it leaks.

The diaper sprayer toilet attachment thing? Yeah, that's a GREAT toy for your toddler while you're nursing baby and can't move. (Smell that? it's not poop, it's SARCASM!!! heh.)

It's also been my experience that the Absolutely Darling all-in-one that PERFECTLY matches baby's outfit (for picture day) is the one that leaks all over you, the clothes, and everything else.

Enjoy yourself!!!


Kristine I don't know if you figured out what you're doing, but they also have disposable now that have some sort of small pad you dispose only I think. They're at whole foods and any natural place now. You can flush the small portions down the toilet and they biodegrade I guess. I know almost nothing about this as they're fairly new, since Devin, but you might want to check it out or ask people if they know more. Oh I found the link G diapers, with a flushable inner liner, but non disposable outer pant:


Once we figured out how to put them on (thanks to help with pins from the Diaper Service!), we loved cloth! Prefolds and pull-on covers, wash 'em at home after the gift service ended, easy peasy and sooooooo cheap. I'd rather put more bucks in the kid's college fund and have a couple extra loads of wash a week than use disposables.