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Sep. 4, 2006

"Crocodile Hunter" Killed By Stingray

Wow, I’m bummed. I really enjoyed Steve Irwin, age 44, the Australian “Crocodile Hunter” and conservationist. He was filming an underwater documentary off the Great Barrier Reef when he was killed by a Stingray that punctured his heart.

He was known as a ‘wildlife icon’ and developed the wildlife park that his parents opened, Australia Zoo, into a major tourist attraction.

Many parents knew him as the Special Guest in The Wiggles series of kids’ DVDs and videos that feature songs, dances and an educational component of Australian animals and wildlife.

He was married and had two young children.

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My family is so sad about Steve Irwin's death (The Croc Hunter). He will be greatly missed!!!!!


My husband and I were just sick when we heard the news. We loved to watch him. I loved his voice and how intense he was in expaining about the things he was about to do with or to the animals. He was amazing and will be a hard act to follow! Bless his family.