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Sep. 1, 2006

Baby Name Poll Results: Now We're Really Undecided!

Thanks to everyone who voted in our baby name poll. It appears the overwhelming favorites are:

Brooke Elisabeth and Amelia May.

The funny thing is we kinda just threw in some middle names as we hadn’t thought of any for some of the names. In fact, our two favorite first names got the least amount of votes. Now, we’re wondering if it wasn’t the middle names that killed our chances of confirming our respective favorites.

Now, what do we do? Start over? Go with one of the favorites per the vote?

Name her Christina or Alex just to confuse everyone?

And, what if the doctor was wrong and it’s a boy?

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I guess you'll just have to go with Mowenley afterall!!!


I love Brooke AND Amelia!!!! I guess Amelia would go very well with Alec too! Amelia and Alec sounds very sweet!


I think you have to have a do-over with just first names. It's non-binding. So why not???


So, I thought I would tell you why I voted for Amelia. In my opinion, Alec & Brooke is a lot of "kuh" sounds to be said together. You'll be asked constantly "what are their names" and you'll be saying them together a lot!!! Typically you'll say the older child's name first, so Alec & Amelia flows sooooo nicely off the tongue. I think you should practice saying the names together a few hundred times and then decide. Too much fuss over such a thing? Not for you, right? Good luck with the debate.


Erik - it's non-binding? You MUST get your mind out of the insurance gutter.

Kerri - good advice. Thanks.


Why not do another poll and have every one vote for either Amelia May or the other name you originally wanted. I do like how Alec and Amelia flows together, but liked your original first name better. Oh what to choose, your favorite name or the one that flows with Alec. If I were in your shoes, I honestly don't know how I would decide. Just remember, this is a life altering decision. :-)


I think Amelia may be toast as my dentist has an assistant named Amelia and her 'nickname' (I don't really care for nicknames) is pronounced MEALIE.

Not pleased.