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Aug. 21, 2006

Wanted: Sleep. And Other Pregnancy Beefs

Just as I lost my energy and healthy appetite at about 16 weeks of pregnancy, discussed HERE, now I’m looking to buy, borrow or steal some sleep – please.

At 33 weeks now, I can no longer sleep without the assistance of hard drugs (well, o.k. just Tylenol PM, but still I hate taking meds to sleep). Even taking Tylenol PM, I still get crap sleep.

Why? Because my hip/leg joints are on FIRE. Can't comfortably lay on my stomach, back or sides anymore. Tried sleeping perched against my bedroom wall - sadly, not successful.

Also today for your reading pleasure, I’d like to discuss my pregnancy beefs:

Let’s itemize: Here is my current list of pregnancy beefs in order of suckness:

  1. Can’t sleep
  2. Can’t eat
  3. Can’t drink wine (well, o.k., I can but shouldn’t really…well, not too much at least)
  4. Can’t easily pick up 40 lb son when he requests.
  5. Have to pee while in the pool
  6. Have to pee while getting a massage
  7. Can’t fling myself down the whirly slide at the water park.
  8. Can’t flop onto a slip and slide. (Goes with beef #7)
  9. Can't see crotch in order to shave nice design

That about does it.

So, if anyone has any sleep to lend or solutions to the above listed beefs, please provide at your earliest convenience.


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Treat yourself to a fabulous wax job at your favorite local spa and ask for a nice design. That was my favorite indulgence during pregnancy! Get all prettied-up for the big day!


"Can't see crotch in order to shave nice design"

get professional help :-)

As for the others, I am afraid I do not have any ideas. I, too, am experiencing the same things. However, I am a bit ahead of you as today is my last day! Wohooo! I am on my 39th week and will be checking in the hospital tomorrow for my C-section on the 23rd.

Goodluck to you and keep in mind that soon, you will be able to eat and sleep again. That is, in between the times you need to feed and take care of the baby.


Melissa - Good luck with your c-section!!


Try taking Benadryl. My Dr. approved it when I had the same beefs. For Beef number 9, have Christian do the shaving. :-)


Sorry to hear about your beefs, gal. I really can't relate since I can sleep on a bed of rocks nearly anytime of day regardless of how tired I may or may not be. Yeah...eating, sleeping and wine drinking seem to be my main activities of late. Can't wait til you're back in the game! Not much longer!


I would have to agree with the Benadryl. I too sufferred, along with horrible allergies! Benadryl saved me! One of my beefs was "breathing" I got so stuffed up I couldn't breathe. Oh and I also have a horrible case of my hands and arms falling asleep at night, due to poor circulation! So imagine this...I went to sleep with a nose strip across my nose, wrist braces, a pillow under my knees and trying my best to sleep on my left side (since this was best for my breathing). Beautiful huh??? The good news is I survived. You will too. Just think of this lack of sleep as what you have to look forward to over the next few months! Those every two or three hour feedings! Consider it training!

As for the crotch thing, go get it trimmed treat yourself...and Christian to something fabulous! How about a tatoo with a little man pushing a lawnmower? I actually had a girlfriend do that! Can you believe it!

Try Benadryl it really worked for me. I hope it will help you.


For sleeping try and use Melatonin, it is all natural and a wonder sleep aide.


For the hip joint pain and for better sleep, I would do a lot of walking. I've heard that those joints expand to carry the baby, and when you do mild exercise like brisk walking, it helps your joints adjust to carry the extra weight appropriately. Also, exercise will immensely help with the bad sleep. Of course be sure you're taking your prenatal, eating healthy, and drinking tons of water will help with energy too. I'm doing all that and still struggle with sleep sometimes, but hang in there! It is a huge blessing having babies.