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Aug. 10, 2006

Terrorist Plot Foiled

Sigh. Thankfully the British government along with some Pakistani authorities foiled the plans of the 24 individuals, aged 17-34 who planned to blow up 10 US airplanes with materials they were going to brew up while on board the planes.

Now, security is confiscating lipsticks, water bottles, eye drops and untasted baby food and breast milk (unless you taste it in front of the authorities then it's o.k. even though if you're a suicide-type bomber/terrorist and you were hiding the explosive material in the breast milk, wouldn't you taste it anyway 'cause you wouldn't care if it harmed you?)

I just want to know why we’re always rushing to catch up with the terrorist’s new invention for mass destruction. How many old ladies or new mommies are terrorists? All this time, energy and resources to snag water bottles, mouthwash and wine all while the terrorist’s are probably thinking up their next plan.

Remember the ‘Shoe Bomber’? (Of course you do as if you’ve flown in the last few years, you’ve had to remove your shoes, along with your children’s which makes getting through the security line that much more fun.)

So, we start focusing on footwear and the terrorists start focusing on liquids. Oops, now we’re onto liquids.

By JENNIFER QUINN, Associated Press Writer

“Although plots to blow up airliners using liquid explosives are not new — such an attempt was foiled more than a decade ago — the U.S. government has been slow to upgrade its security equipment at airport checkpoints to detect explosives on passengers.”

It’s rather obvious that air travel is the preferred destruction mode of those who want to kill Americans. So, why are we ‘slow to upgrade its security equipment’? Why are we targeting old ladies or new mommies? I realize it's better to be safe than sorry but why be ridiculously reactive?

I don’t know about you but I would be willing to give up just about every shred of my privacy to avoid being part of this game of always running after the terrorists. I mean, it’s great and all that they got caught but now suddenly you must be willing to possibly dehydrate or suffer bad breath in order to take your next flight to London?

And how long will this ‘no liquids/gels or fluids on planes’ last?

So please, feel free to x-ray me, fingerprint me, take a hair sample (pubic hair, I don’t care), DNA or even WEIGH me, but then give me my ‘pass’ or I.D. card or whatever. I mean, if you’re not doing anything wrong, why would anyone object?

If every law abiding citizen (or even not-so-law-abiding but maybe just not WANTED let's say) would agree to this then maybe the resources could be put into PROACTIVE methods versus this reactive cycle we’re stuck in.

Please feel free to violate my privacy all you want, if I can be assured the ability to take on board that bottle of lovely wine I bought on vacation, my lip gloss and my kids’ juice box.

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Tasting breast milk? huh? Yeah, that sounds like reasonable terrorist control activity. Brother.

I wonder about our "terrorist experts" as well. Aren't they sort of suppose to be able to think like the terrorists? Keep at least one step ahead of the terrorists?


ljs - Yeah, you'd think. But hey, instead of that we'll just chase water bottles out of innocent traveler's bags. THAT sounds efficient!


I so agree! I guess maybe we need someone like Jodie Foster to interview someone like Hannabal Lector to "get into the mind" of these terrorists. Where are these people? For gosh sakes we have them to find Serial Killers...where are they for these Suicide Bombers Freaks! We SHOULD be able to out think them a little I would think by now. You are so right, let's get past the baby formula and think like their sick little minds would. I too agree that we, as good law abiding Americans would be agreeable to any type of reasonable search (Body Cavity, I may not be so excited about if I were a newlywed going on my Honeymoon!), but I think we all would do just about anything to protect ourselves, our family and any other good human being in addition to our beloved boxed juices and lipsticks!