Lucky Mom

Aug. 1, 2006

Is The Party Almost Over?

My husband and I were enjoying our lazy Saturday and Sunday morning in bed this past weekend while a nice breeze came in through the window, drapery flowing.

It was about 9:00am.

Where was Alec? In bed of course.

We have a kid who likes to sleep like we do. We have a kid who remains in his bed until we retrieve him. (We did not ask this of him).

In fact, we try calling down the hall to him to get him to come join us so we can stay in bed even longer. We even put him to bed at a reasonable hour to have some adult only evening time.

We like to have social gatherings at our house because it’s a piece of cake to put Alec down for bed. We go upstairs, he gets in bed, we say goodnight, kiss and walk out of the room. Done. It’s been that way for a long, long time.

As I’ve bragged said before, our child has been a sleeper from day one. We hit the jackpot and I’ve never lost sleep over him – EVER.

The first weekend home after my c-section hospital stay, the doctor asked us to wake him every two hours to nurse. O.k. fine. Did that. On Monday we took him in for his weight check and the doctor uttered the words ‘feed on demand’ from now on.

I asked "Does that mean I don’t have to wake him up in the night? She chucked and said "No, you don’t have to wake him but I’m sure he’ll wake you". O.k.

Joke was on her! He didn’t wake up for over 5.5 hrs and slightly longer each night thereafter. Turns out, our babe loves to sleep like we do.


now, we’re.. let’s see…..approximately…um.. uh…oh wait. I know, EXACTLY 8 weeks and 6.5 days from having another child.

What are the odds of getting another sleeper? The joke may be on us this time.

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Ok "Lucky Mom" I know I haven't seen you in a year, but I just can't stand this slogan... Not too stressed or too busy??? For Goodness sakes you stay home with one son who is too young for swimming lessons, baseball teams, music lessons, basketball camp, and summer sleepover marathons with 4 of your closest 11/12 year old friends. Now this is your future "Lucky Mom" I too dressed my son darling and loved his calm personality and looong sleep habits, but they grow and grow and grow some more. Now I'm on the Executive Board for the little league, PTA Back-to-School BBQ Chairperson, and Team Mom for the Baseball Team which my husband Manages. oh ya and I have a second child.... A Girl (like you soon) who plays, soccer, basketball, softball, swim team, piano and has the social life of Paris Hilton (at age 9). I swore up and down I would not be one of "those Moms" who had their child signed up for everything and ran around like a crazy person all the time! And now LOOK AT ME! I'm the leader of the Pack of Crazy Moms... it's just crazy this life our children live in. They all do it. That is how they socialize. Not in the yard with neighborhood friends, but at the $350.00 baseball camp, or the $160.00 basketball camp, or the $120.00 Soccer Camp. No one seems to just hang out anymore. I really will try not to say I told you so.... but 9 years from now when your first born son (like my first born son) turns 12 - and your daughter (3 years younger just like mine) has to do everything her brother does and better!! I'll be there for you to take you out for a drink or coffee just to relax, because my kids will be gone off to College and I then will be the "LUCKY MOM"... not too stressed or too buxy!!!!! This is sent in Love my friend, save your energy now, you'll need it later!!! All in love and support!!!!!


I'm sure,Lucky Mom, you'll get it just as easy the second go-round!


Wendy H. - wow girl - you are stressed and busy! Need a nice glass of wine? I'm exhausted just reading your comments! How'd you find the time! ; )

Yeah, my luck may be running out soon - days numbered etc. Fortunately, I'm enjoying every minute of the luxury for now as I'll probably have to change my name (and website) in the not so distant future!

For now, I must chill in my glory of weekly massages, nails/hair done and time on my hands to relax.....ah...