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Aug. 28, 2006

Help Us Choose A Name

My husband and I are having a tough time agreeing on a name for Alec's baby sister, soon to arrive.

Though I have spent countless (actually I'd say exactly 12) hours studying numerous baby name books and finding 34 names I thought were acceptable, my husband and I were only able to settle agree on six, and I'm sure that will all change next week. (Kinda like the 'we're moving to Arizona, no, I think Honolulu, no about Austin, Texas?' debate).

Apparently, we have a tough time making decisions.

So, we'd like your help. Please vote on the name you like and think would go best with big brother: Alec Bennett Watson.

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If you hate these options or just like other names that are not listed, please feel free to let us know via comments.

Like we need MORE options to try and agree on.

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i just wanted to add with the vote that i'm usually not one of those women who like to have all the initials be the same for the kids or have both of them start with "A." (Amelia May) I just voted for what rolled off the tongue and what was the most beautiful!!! how adorable she will be!!!
good luck with this!


Heya! I think if one sibling's name has two syllables (Alec) then the other sibling's name should only have one. "Alec and Brook" sounds a lot better than "Alec and Erica". I say this despite the fact that I am biased toward the name Eric.
Also, if you do go with Erica, spell it Erika. It just looks cooler! :)



Brooke Elizabeth is so long that you will just risk that she never uses both names unless she really has to. Amelia May has to m's which makes it easy to pronounce. Its very original too since I have never heard that combination before.


I can't see the name poll so I will give you my thoughts on the names people have mentioned. I think Amelia is adorable and cast my vote that way. Brook always sounds like a snobby girl to me and the only girl I know named Ericka is mmmm... manly.


I can finally see the poll and my vote still stands!


You left out "Mowenley?" Now you have to start the vote process all over again! My second choice is Amelia May and then Natalia May. Betty and Wilma are nice names too, though. Oh, you do have a tough job on your hands!


"Amelia May, all the way" Amelia and Alec. What could be more perfect??? Christian and Kristine?

Love it. Amelia May it is!

Good luck with the delivery!

B,C, and PJ


Well, my top two were Brooke Elisabeth or Amelia May. I have always loved the name Brooke. A name that rings confidence in a young lady and cute as a button for a baby. Amelia is right up there too! Maybe wait till you see the little tykes face?! xo


I also voted for Amelia May - but my recommendation is to wait until you see her lovely face to decide. Best wishes with your delivery.


I like Erik's idea of the Erika spelling but, my favorite is still Natalie. It's so feminine and pretty. I'm starting to like Amelia a little more too but I really like Elizabeth as a middle name so much more than May. Wow, this is really tough. Maybe waiting to see her is the right way to go. So, if she comes out looking like a Mowenley, just go for it.

The Wen in Mowenley.


Thanks everyone for your vote/comments!


I LOVE the name Sophie... but not so much as a middle. I vote for Sophie Elizabeth Watson :-)

I also LOVE the name Amelia, but my other 40 something friend who is just starting her family named her daughter "Amelia June" love that name! She lives in Michigan so you'd never have her in class with your daughter :-) Unless you move to Michigan???

I agree Erica should be ERIKA... it's prettier?? Lindsay's friend is an ERIKA and she's VERY cute!!!

Take care!!!


Amelia rocks! Their names should start with the same letter and also roll off your tongue easily when said together. Believe me, you will need to master the art of that very soon! Plus Amelia Mae is beautiful! I would say you have a winner! Congrats!