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Aug. 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Alec

Dear Alec,

Today is your birthday - you are three years old!

You really are growing up and becoming such a little boy. You have your own opinions and preferences and understand so much. You amaze us everyday.

As 'they' say "it goes by so fast". It has.

What 'they' also say is "it's indescribable how much you love your children". It is.

'They' also say "it changes you and you'll never see things the same again". It does.

It's utterly unfathomable how much we love and adore you.

It's simply beyond comprehension, what you have brought to our lives.

Thank you baby for making us know what we never would have, had it not been for you.

Happy 3rd Birthday~

Love, Mommy & Daddy

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Thanks for making me get all sappy and emotional first thing in the morning Kristine! Very sweet, print it and save it for those times when you want to stuff him in a closet... in about 10 years!


Be sure and wish that little guy a HUGE happy birthday from Connie. I will miss my appts with him, as he ventures off to school. Have a great day with the Bday Boy.


Very cool message! Thanks for sharing what I'm missing out on :)


Big hug and kiss from daddy too.

Every day I look forward to coming home from work to see you and Mummy and learn what new things you've learned and done.

Life would be very empty without you both.

PS: Thanks again for sleeping through the night from such an early age!


Happy Birthday Alec!


Happy Birthday Alec! Slow down buddy, you are growing too fast don't you know all of us Mommies never want their babies to grow up! If only the time wouldn't go so fast huh? Before you know it you'll be eighteen and off to college! Have a great day Alec!


Happy birthday Alec! You look adorable in that photo!


Hi, Kristine,
I'm late with Alec's happy birthday wish but I've been thinking about him all day. He is so adorable. Alec is very lucky to have such wonderful parents! You two are the greatest. It will be so fun now to watch two little kiddies grow up - so much adventure ahead for all of you.
Love, Sonja


Thanks for all the nice birthday wishes everyone!

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