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Aug. 24, 2006

CABBAGE: Check or Carry On Baggage?

/ One of Alec’s Grandmas (my Mom) left yesterday after spending nine days with us.

Though Alec was very sad to see her leave, he was assured that she would be back in a few weeks (along with a baby sister too but anyway) to provide him the much appreciated attention.

But that’s not terribly interesting to those who don’t know him/her/us.

What I thought you might find of interest is not just that fact that my Mom had to spend over 7 hours at the airport yesterday after she missed her scheduled flight home (which is a one hour flight by the way) – long story, but that she insisted on taking her CABBAGE!

Her 79 cent cabbage that she didn’t want to ‘waste’.

She couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t eat it even after several attempts to convince her that we don’t like cabbage and I was a bit hesitant to carry it around to my neighbors in order to see if anyone wanted it.

I kept telling her it was not our responsibility. We didn’t buy it, she did. She didn’t cook it while she was here so she wanted to transfer the responsibility of assuring it was not wasted onto us.

Not fair I cried!

I tried to buy it off her for $2.00 so I could throw it away but she was on to my wasteful intentions and wouldn’t sell.

So, since she couldn’t check her bag until three hours prior to the flight, didn’t want use a service to have someone watch it, she had to drag the 2 lb vegetable all over the airport while trying to keep occupied until her flight.

Due to the strict security regulations enforced lately I wondered what would happen if she tried to take it onboard the flight.

Had security ever considered whether cabbage could be used to make an explosive device? It is made of mostly water right? Can’t take bottled water anymore so…..?

I kept telling her they would think it was a head of some sort and she’d be immediately whisked away to an interrogation room for questioning.

Apparently the cabbage made it safely home without incident.

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Your mom could give my sister-in-law a run for her money! If only I were that frugal...maybe I'd have a buck or two!! The only thing I'd have in this situation is a soggy head of cabbage...or a half eaten head of cabbage cause I'd be chowing during the seven hour wait...then board the plane with serious gas! Oh, boy...


You are so funny! I thought I was going to pee my pants while I was reading that post! All I could imagine was your little mother wandering around SeaTac with her little head of cabbage attached to her wrist like a couture handbag! (You know it wouldn't surprise me if they actually used that idea for the Fall fashion runway shows). Anyway, I hate to admit it, but my mother in law would probaly do the exact same thing! She is frugal beyond frugal! She saves everything when it comes to food, she even recycles the waste into fertilizer! How's that for extreme!