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Aug. 14, 2006

Another One Bites The Dust - Sigh

Once again, turnstile Hollywood marriages.

Not long ago, I wrote about Hollywood Marriage Odds and now, another one bit it. Actress Kate Hudson and her rocker hubby-unit split.

Not exactly earth shattering as I wasn’t super sure that one was going to last anyway but Good Lord. The only reason I thought they MIGHT stay together slightly longer than some in Hollywood is due to her mom and Kurt Russell’s lengthy union.

Guess not. I wonder if Ryder will get a haircut now.

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Boy, you are really quick on your tabloid updates. I never saw her attraction to him, but she said she would be really jealous if he was ever with anyone else. I wonder what happened there. I hope Ryder can start looking more like a boy now than a darling little girl.


Hmmm...if it weren't for the Hollywood divorces, the divorce rate would probably only be 10% in our country! Okay...maybe a little more than 10%...but not much! (yeah, this comment made by a "divorcee"...but that's beside the point!)


So sad. However, I never did think he was right for her. She is darling, he on the other hand is rather odd looking! I am just a romantic but I still think she and Matthew McC. are perfect together! Ha! Could you imagine! Tequilla shots for breakfast before school. Now those kids would be HOT!

As for little Ryders hair...(Religious or not) why on God's green earth do people see the need to let little Boy's hair grow longer than a Girls? Did they really long for a Girl and they are getting their "fix" for the short time while they still have control over their young son? I find it strange to say the least.


Cheryl - I think her young age really got her too. What was she, like 21 when she met him? I believe he was about 32 then. She's quite a cute gal who was maybe just trying to be like her character in Almost Famous.


I know I was going to say that but for the life of me I couldn't remember the darn movies title! Thank you for reminding me!

Hey by the way, did you hear she has the hots for Owen Wilson? He is adorable! The are cute together. Maybe they won't marry they will be jus tlike her mother and Kurt. We can only hope.



I think Owen is a cutie too!