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Jul. 24, 2006

Turning Three and Breakfast (I guess that's the topic today)

We’ve been talking to Alec a lot lately about the fact that he’s going to turn 3 next month. As a first time parent, it’s hard to believe almost 3 years have gone by already.

I was thinking this morning about the fact that I’ve prepared the same breakfast for this kid since he was about six months old (with the exception of the milk rules).

Oatmeal with applesauce. Grapes and banana slices and lowfat milk.

I’ve been waiting for him to protest and demand pancakes, bacon or even cereal. I wouldn’t have a problem feeding him this but he’s always so excited to get his same ‘ol breakfast, I just keep giving it to him.

(I’m usually hiding in the pantry eating a bagel with cream cheese.)

Alec is an odd eater in that he will eat just about ANYTHING. So, we feed him healthy food most of the time as he is perfectly happy with it.

Cooked carrots and green beans for a snack? He’s elated. Peas? You’d think he’d won the food lottery. (Of course when he tries to feed me those hideous things, I have to make up some excuse – they’re GROSS. YUCK!).

I remember when he was turning two and my husband and I were saying "wow, if we can get him to eat this breakfast until he's two, we’re stoked”. Well, now he's almost three and I’m wondering how long we can pull this off.

Now, if he could just prepare it himself, that’d be cool.

I think I'll make him a bran cake for his birthday. He'll go nuts with excitement. I'll be in the pantry eating the chocolate one.

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You are so funny! I love reading your posts, you always have a way with the words. Sounds like Alec is going to be a big healthy boy. Kudos to you for giving him the good stuff. We do our best to feed Jackson healthy too. He's not as excited about the veggies, but we keep trying. Does that make up for the fact that I let him watch tv while he's eating???


That is really FUNNY!! I know as I have fed him when watching him on the snack schedule. I must admit, I did slip him exta juice.... LOL


or what!!! Maybe it was milk?? LOL


It is funny to watch him chowing down on a snack of sliced carrots and peas — I wonder what sort of backlash there'll be when he understands what he's been missing all these years?!

On the other hand, he does love cake if you get it infront of him…or for that matter, even mention the word. "Cake? Cake?! Take a bite? Cake?!"

There's also the fact that his first proper long sentence was food related:

"May – I – have – some – more – [food item] – please!"


I'm still waiting for the day for my son to eat a piece of fruit or vegetable without throwing up. Bribes have been the only thing that works. I'm so insany jealous of you.


Michelle - you know for everything 'good' there's a corresponding 'bad'. I'm jealous of you that you don't have to hide food from Zach!


Your son & my son should be absolutely best friends. He is the exact same way. I have made him a bagel every single morning forever. Do you want something different? How about a bagel with peanut butter? He protesteth loudly to this because it must be a bagel with just plain butter.

Since his sister was born, he wants to eat everything she does. Why does she get peas and I don't? That's not fair! So we feed the kid peas and snicker (loudly) that he is such a sucker for good food!

Loved your post!


That pleases me so much to hear that he still enjoys the same breakfast after three years! I was starting to really panic because my little 4&1/2 year old LOVES to eat the same lunch. Every day since he was about 1&1/2 he has ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (I know Kristine you are hyperventilating right now..PEANUTS before 10 years of age!) He just loves his little sandwiches. I have tired the switch up to meats, cheese, bologna, anything besides "PJ" but it never worked. It always came back in his little lunch bag untouched. I would also get an earful from his teacher. She says he always likes to express his discontent with Mommy and Daddy when he doesn't get his "exact" lunch he has expected for over 3 years! Will it ever end? Will he be 60 and his poor little wife will still be making those "PJ's" for him every day??? God help her huh?

However, I do have to say I am thankful he will eat his lunch and he eats one complete meal everyday without question. That makes the Mommy very happy. I pray for the day when Garret looks up at me a begs for some peas.....Kristine can I borrow Alec just so I know how it might feel? Just teasing.

PS. Jack, my 2 year old is now requesting "Pj's" for lunch. And it begins!



I'll have you know I've given Alec peanut butter since he was 12 months! Oddly, food allergies don't scare me like choking!

Also, Jack seems pretty cool with beans yes?
: )


This hilarious post reminded me of a true story and experience. One of the ways we always made our son's birthday special is that he could choose whatever food in the whole world he wanted for supper that night. Daddy and I would eat it, too.
For many years, he always chose Spaghettios out of the can. Mike is now 23 years old.


Hey there!

Yes, Jack does love his beans, he enjoys at times the variety of carrots, corn and brocoli, but boy wouldn't it be nice to get him to "Love" the veggies the way Alec does. Garret is an entire different story. Beans and corn only. At least they eat some veggies right?

Not to offend with the peanut butter thing. Just teasing. But I'm sure you realize that!