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Jul. 25, 2006

Poor Peter Cook

Huh. So 47 year-old Peter Cook is SORRY. How sweet.

For those who don't know who I'm referring to - Christie Brinkley's cheating husband.

Maybe we should all feel sorry for him. He’s “contrite, “sorry” and “stupid”. According to him there was no excuse, apparently for his adulterous affair with a teenager.

Well, that’s probably right. There is no excuse.

I don’t buy the ‘well, he’s a man and you know how men are’ routine. Yes, I do know how men can be. Don’t we all. But you make decisions in your life and there’s a huge one between checking out a hot chick from a distance and carrying on with one for years when you’re married.

This was no one-night mistake. This was no mistake at all. Oh, except the mistake of getting busted.

He hopes Christie won’t want a divorce. So, apparently it’s all up to her now. I think he decided that for them when he chose to have this affair with a teenager, doncha think? In fact the gal was underage when the affair started which pretty much makes him…yep; you guessed it….a pedophile.

But now, Peter wants to look like the victim himself and hopes his more-than-lovely wife of 10 years will forgive him, poor guy.

Oh, and let’s not forget the other young gal who came forward (with proof, not just some allegation) of his fling with her when she was also 18, ending a month prior to his engagement to Brinkley.

Ah...the timing of these heartfelt apologies are always rather interesting. How come they come out right out after they get caught?



Bye-bye family.

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Well yeah, no one is ever 'sorry' before getting caught...they're as happy as a pig in $#i+ up til that point! Wonder if old Christie will forgive and forget? I'm sure you'll keep me posted :)


Loreley - I certainly hope not. And yes, you'll be the first to know. Maybe.


He's such a loser. What a dumb ass! Need I say anything more.

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