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Jul. 20, 2006

“I’m Comfortable In My Own Skin”. Please stop saying that

How many times do we have to hear that line from various celebs? It's really quite a creepy saying when you think about it. And OVERUSED.

The latest is Ashlee Simpson. Yeah Ash, now you got your new nose, lost considerable weight and bought some sweet wavy blonde extensions, you’re perfectly comfortable with yourself and so should everyone else be.

It seems all the skinny, surgically-enhanced folks are suddenly preaching to all us normal non-celeb gals that we should be perfectly content with our imperfect bodies/faces/boobs etc.

Where was all the comfortable skin before and why only now profess it? I remember ‘ol Lindsay L. saying the same thing once she skeletized herself.

Even Cameron Diaz (though I do like the gal). She felt we should all be happy with what we’ve got. Can I have hers then?

My skin is in fairly good shape considering my age but would I be more comfortable ‘in it’ if I had liposuction on my A_S?

Maybe one suddenly feels better ‘in their own skin’ if they have less of it to be comfortable with.

I don’t care for this trendy (passé in my opinion) saying any longer.

I’d like a new trendy saying like “I’m quite pleased with my own person since the boob job” or “I love my structural entity now my butt is miniscule”. How about “I’m at peace with my physical being since the tummy tuck?”

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Just one more reason to quit reading those rags! :)


I couldn't agree more! This is a fake world. Don't let your kids take this role models.


Don't forget Ashlee's plumper lips too. I saw her recent sound bite where she said she had just "grown into her beauty?" Give me a break little girlie. Those that know me know that I have had a little "tweaking" done, but I certainly don't try to pretend that I didn't, or that I was completely happy with the aging process and was willing to do it "gracefully". I think a more appropriate saying might be: I'm comfortable in my emotional place and with who I am as a person. I think that a person can be emotionally o.k. and still fight the aging process and/or make physical enhancements as long as you're doing it for the right reason. (I know, I know...the right reason is subjective for everyone.) Bottom line, I'm o.k. with it but don't lie about. That just proves that you're not o.k. with yourself or more importantly, your personal choices.


Me - Yeah, I also forgot about her 'growing into beauty' comment. I didn't know one could grow plumper lips overnight along with 7 inches of hair.

Yeah, it's the ridiculous notion that we're all really stupid that is so laughable. Own up to it babe Ash and you'd get a lot more credit.


So are you saying that you'd take Justin Timberlake over me?! I'm a much better singer, for one. And I can dance (sort of).

Then again, he probably doesn't eat Marmite and then try and kiss you. So, maybe it's a wash.


Christian - no I'm not saying I'd take Justin T. over you (he's too young). I didn't know you could sing and dance though. I'll have to check that out.


Didn't know I could sing and dance?! What about when we first met — I thought it was my skills on the dance floor at Neighbors that got me that all-important second date? ;-)


Christian - I think it was the wine that got you a second date.