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Jul. 9, 2006

Have a Baby! You Can Be 9 or 63. Really!

Think your biological clock is ticking? Nope. You've apparently got 20+ years even if you're already 40!

63-year old (some reports state her age at 62 but she turned 63 just prior to her son's birth) Patricia Rashbrook, the British woman who has made headlines for her late-in-life pregnancy, has delivered a baby boy.

Baby JJ, as he is known, was delivered via caesarian section on Wednesday, weighing 6 pounds, 10 ounces. Patricia's husband John Farant is now a first-time father at 60.

Rashbrook received fertility treatments in Italy and conceived her child with a donated egg. Rashbrook received assistance from reknown Italian physician Severino Antinori. However, Italy's prohibitive laws against procedures that help women conceive forced Rashbrook and her physician to an anonymous location in the former Soviet republic.

Rashbrook was implanted only with one embryo, and became pregnant after only one attempt.

Rashbrook has two adult children from a first marriage. Her physician says she has the healthy physique of a much younger woman, and can be expected to live for two or more decades. (okaaay)

...and in further baby news...

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) - A nine-year-old gave birth to a baby girl in Brazil's Western Amazon jungle, a pregnancy that was the youngest on record…

"It's common for Indian girls to get pregnant early - many at 11, 12 or 13 - but not at nine..." (common?)

The girl was found in the jungle in April by labourers working on a natural gas pipeline...northwest of Rio de Janeiro, said the National Indian Bureau.

The girl went into labour on Thursday. The baby, weighing 2.2 kilograms, was delivered by Caesarean section and reportedly was in good health...the girl has not spoken and has not identified the baby's father.

Mother and child (wouldn’t this be called child and child?) were to remain under medical care for a month and then return to their village in Jaturana.

"In some cultures it's natural for girls to have sexual relations after their first menstruation." (uh...I think I was like 14 when that occurred and no, I didn't have immediate sexual relations).

"It's very rare, and we have to investigate whether it was rape," said Marina Mota, a representative for the National Health Foundation. "The tribe wasn't that isolated, and had a lot of contact" with outside cultures.

Wow, so there ya have it. You too can be a mother prior to Fourth Grade or even when you're 60+.

Good Lord. At this rate, the young Indian girl/mother could be a great, great, great, great, great grandmother by the time she is Rashbrook’s age, or she could just have another baby. Cool.

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Scary stuff indeed. I just can't believe a nine year old body can deliver a baby without the 'mother' dying.


They both seem very weird to me. At 60+ shouldn't you really be admitting that you missed your chance?

How fun is it going to be to have to tell everyone that you are the mother, not the grandmother? Chances are you're not going to see your child graduate college. It just seems a little sad to me.


On the plus side, at least your child won't have to wait too long to inherit all your money!