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Jul. 27, 2006

Do I Look Like a Porn Site?

Okay. is finally getting some nice traffic to her (o.k. my) website now that Google has picked it up. I.e. Google now sends folks my way when they type something into the search bar that apparently is related to my site.

You know, stuff related to babies, pregnancy, children and child safety that is pretty much my main target with the odd celebrity gossip and reality shows thrown in.

I like to look at on-line reports that tell me what you cats are typing into Google in order to land on my site.

Apparently, my site is quite popular among moms, dads and the odd porn admirer.

And though I know this will make the problem worse, I must share the fun with you!

Here is a fine selection of some of the more interesting words/phrases that bring these nice people to my site. Realize these searchers are putting these exact words in quotes.

1. Brother + sister sex (Creepy)

2. Mother +sister sex (Creepier)

3. Amnio + wine (Is this a question? They go nicely together I’m told)

4. Sick + gross (That could encompass a lot of things eh?)

5. Moms+ok+to+pee+on+sidewalk (Is this a question?)

6. M it feels so big (Tell me, WHERE is this on my site??)

7. Mom+penis (Huh? Why?)

8. Lucky + booger (Lucky? What, versus unlucky?)

9. Anyone+but+my+husband (I can only guess what this means)

10. Dying+to+pee (Yep, but what is Google going to help you find for this problem?)

11. Husbands+pee+on+the+floor (Maybe they can’t hold it – so)

12. Crap+names+for+kids (Presumably so one won’t choose one)

13. Mature+nasty+mom (Why a mom though? Isn’t mature and nasty enough?)

14. Free+mature+mommy (What? Don’t want to pay?)

15. Riding jet-skis pregnant (Are you serious?)

16. Brother+sister+husband+sex (How about just typing in ‘Orgy’ for short?)

I’m sure those who are looking for more spicy findings are pretty hacked off when come upon my site and find a mommy yakking about her kid, boiled eggs and the newest Apprentice winner.

Watch my traffic soar now!

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That was a catchy title because I'm neither a mom or a dad. I hate porn pollution, and there is nothing better than blogging to open your eyes to all the sickos out there (the first few days I looked through our spam trackbacks I nearly fell off my chair in horror)
You can only laugh tho ;)


Those are some classic search terms. Much 'better' than anything I get on my site (thank goodness).

Re. #16 – maybe the person was looking for some online help because she recently walked in to find her husband, brother and sister engaging in some inappropriate activities?

Perhaps there is a lawyer that specializes in these sorts of cases? It's a strange world we live in.


your logo gal is rather sexy, any searches for "logo + sex ", hmmm?


There's a lot of reference to pee in there, isn't there?

Of course, you've just created a post that will attract more weird and wonderfuls to your site. You'll probably want to mention MILF at some point also!!! Mom I'd Like to errr....Frisk?


O.k., this is some funny sh_t. And, who's this Gerard character and what exactly is a MILF?


Anonymous - If you are seriously asking that question, I will tell you. I think I heard the term first about the time Demi Moore became a hottie mom.

1. Mom's
2. I'd
3. Like to
4. F**K

Now you don't have to remain anonymous. ; )