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Jun. 15, 2006

Wedding Anniversary

Today is Lucky Mom and Lucky Dad’s fourth wedding anniversary! We were reminiscing this morning about how four years ago we spent three weeks on two separate Caribbean islands for our ‘wedding week’ and honeymoon.

Swimming in the warm water, riding jet skis, drinking pretty cocktails and getting lots of sun with our close friends and family is quite the fond memory. It was the perfect week-long ‘destination wedding’ in Antigua prior to two fabulous weeks for our honeymoon on the Island of Anquilla. Ah…

When we returned to Seattle after this holiday extraordinaire, we held a reception for those who were unable to attend the wedding week….and even for those who did. Another great occasion!

So, here we are four years later and disgustingly in love, with a great kid and another on the way. Kinda gagish I know.

To bring it down a notch, my husband and I don’t typically exchange more than a token gift and gushy card.

However, I apparently received much more this year in the way of material items as I snuck out and bought THREE pieces of new Dania bedroom furniture instead of just the one we needed.

When I broke the news to my hubby about a week ago, just prior to the furniture being delivered, he promptly said three words. “Happy Anniversary babe”.

I said “right on”.

We’re going out for a nice dinner tonight and we actually have a real babysitter for Alec! As I’m still the paranoid mommy, here are my babysitter’s stats:

  • Recent college graduate
  • Former college basketball player
  • Age 21
  • Going to medical school (hopefully near us!)
  • Attends church regularly
  • Reasonably priced

So, even though I can’t really toast to our anniversary the ‘traditional’ way, we’ll have a great evening, just the two us.

Happy anniversary my love!

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Congrats to you both on year numero Four. Isn't it wonderful? It is always nice to hear when someone who has been married for more than six months to say "still disgustingly in love". After 6 years with John I am still in love and even happier than I ever imagined I could be. Here is to many more years of being "ga-ga" over your honey! I'll by the way, be sure to have a "toast" for you in the traditonal way at dinner tonight while we celebrate Jacks 2nd birthday! Here's to you three! Cheers! Enjoy your free night out. By the way why don't you slide me the digets for that great sitter you found????


I still don't know how you got that palm tree headdress attachment to stay up like that (see pic #2).

Cheryl - re. enjoying the 'free night out', you shouldn't have, but thanks!

Kristine - love you babe…


Congrats you two honeymooners! Hope you had a lovely evening! Another "lucky mom" I know just recently told me she and her husband haven't spent ONE minute alone together sans their little dude who is now 1+ years old. Now that is just not healthy! I applaud you cats for keepin' your love alive and spending time as a couple regularly!! THAT's what makes a happy mom and dad and ultimately a happy child!


Having been a part of that week long island wedding party, (and I do mean "party"), I must say that it was a great time and will always be a wonderful memory. The fact that you two are still happy, and probably even happier than you were four years ago is just icing on the cake!!!

Congrats and by the way, I'm with Christian, how DID you get that palm tree attached?