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Jun. 6, 2006

Trump's Imported "Apprentice"

Yes, this hottie Brit won Apprentice last night and I couldn't be happier!

It appears he was the overwhelming favorite from Trump's statement about America's on-line and text voting results.

And don't think I didn't participate in that because of course I did!

His charming profession of love for Tammy, one of the original 16 candidates as well as one of his chosen three to help him on his final task, was quite endearing and he admitted this to Trump before being told "Sean, you're hired".

From E! Online:

A great accent really can take you far in life.

British babe Sean Yazbeck was the last man standing Monday night in Hollywood when Donald Trump brought his 15-week job interview to a close and crowned the fifth-season winner of The Apprentice.

From Luckymom:

This guy has it all! He's hot, got the girl, got the job and is smart, quirky, gutsy, savvy, charming and knows how to create good relationships with pretty much everyone.

Oh, and here Sean is with short hair:

p.s. my husband wanted me to add that he is a 'hottie Brit' too. So, there. I did.

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Wow – I feel so desired. Who said the honeymoon was over?


How do I spell 'eye-yey-eye?'


Christian - never over my babe!


Hottie is right and wow, very sexy and kissable lips. Tammy is one lucky girl but did you get the sense that she was a little embarrassed by his effusive declaration of love for her? I kept waiting for him to do the Tom Cruise chair jumping trick. I would have been uncomfortable but I can tend to be an unromantic hard-ass.


WW - aka "unromantic hardass" - yep, hotay! And no, he's too awesome to be an idiot like 'snooze Cruise'.