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Jun. 20, 2006

The Wingdome

I’ve decided that tonight is the night. I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of months now and decided I’ve got to do it now. No more putting it off.

I’m skipping a step aerobics class that I basically just starting attending again in order to do it.

I’ve only got a little over three months left to do it anyway so I better get on it.

That’s right. I’m finally going to the Wingdome!

A greasy, smelly, haven of flavorful chicken wings! I’ve even got a cohort to go with me (finally!). It took a lot of negotiation with several of my friends until I hit the jackpot!

One finally agreed.

Problem is she said she could only do it tonight. In fact, I think she had run out of excuses reasons and thought since I was excited about getting back in the gym routine after feeling crappy for so long, I’d NEVER back out of it.


“I’ll skip my class if you’ll go with me tonight”.

She was stuck.

And it all began! I’m already researching tonight’s selections on the website menu!

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Just make sure you eat some mints before you climb into bed tonight!

2 you can hit will love it by the way! Now all you have left to do is guessed it...Cinnabon! A huge, fat, greasy, buttery, sweet cinnamon roll is still calling out your name. I'll even make the sacrifice and go with you and share the experience and you won't even have to twist my arm!


Cheryl - Woo hoo! Let's make a date for now!


Thank god a volunteer stepped up for Cinnabon or I'm sure you would guilt me into THAT sinful pleasure too. It's so hard to say no to a pregnant friend that has already had to give up the other thing she loves, (specifically, red wine.) So, I'm taking one for the team folks...and to be honest, I'll be luvin every greasy, hot minute of it.


Cinnabon - that is SO wrong. I've never understood the appeal, to be honest. I can feel my arteries hardening as I walk by that place, let alone buy anything from it. Yeuch!


Wingdome, eh? Hmmm...never even considered it before, but your lovely description is making me curious. Enjoy the 'dome'tonight!


I'm so glad I dodged the "wingdome" bullet...I just can't bring myself to chew meat off a bone with my teeth!


Well, as a quick follow-up. I think my Wingdome fix is now good for another 5 or so years. The wings were quite tasty but there was no Blue Cheese wings anymore! Also, the celery was tough and gross and the 'blue cheese dressing' to dip the crappy celery in was watery with no discernable blue cheese in it. Hmph!

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