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Jun. 2, 2006

Children's Names

Why does every parent think everyone else’s choice in naming their children is just plain abhorrent? Makes me laugh as my husband and I do the same thing …..we’re dying to hear about what others are going to name their unborn child and then we finally find out we’re just astonished at how horrible we think it is!

I’m sure many did that when we announced the name of our son too.

Well, I think I just broke the cardinal rule of not telling anyone what you’re going to name your child UNTIL IT’S ALREADY OCCURRED. (Then, at least, no one will trash it, to your face at least.) I sent out a nice spreadsheet of 30+ names (I’m not done going through my five naming books yet) to several of my friends.

I would like to recall the spreadsheet but it’s too late. I was even stupid enough to ** my favorites. Dumb.

I think I’ll toss out another spreadsheet with some crap names I’d never consider just to scare my friends and family and throw them off the track. Then, they’ll be sure to LOVE whatever we name this girlie babe.

Any suggestions? Something that kinda works with big brother Alec would be cool. Last name Watson. Whatever we decide to go with, from now on, I will certainly not make reference to it until it’s already happened!

Interested parties will know 10-5-06. Or maybe later....we'll see.

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I still think we had the best suggestion. Not my fault if you're unwilling to "step out of the box" a bit. I agree with the name thing though. You will never please everyone so, don't even worry about it. It's just a fun thing for your friends to chat about.


I still like the name Phoebe you were thinking of. Not for my child, but I could see it working for you. :-)


It's funny how choosing a name is at the same time very important and unimportant.

It's very important because you're choosing something that will belong to that person for their whole life and may even help to define them.

On the other hand, unless the person is named something outlandish, most of the time their name won't matter that much.

For example, if you meet someone with an 'unfortunate' name -- say, Martha -- you just say "okay, she's called Martha", and that's it, you move on.

You don't dwell on their name; more important is their personality and their abilities, and so on.

So, from that standpoint, their actual name is not very important. It's just a label for that person.


I love the name Isabella


I love the name Isabella too (as does my husband!) but so does all of America based on the most popular girl names the last year or two!


What about Lilly? That would be sweet.


Lilly is quite pretty! I actually thought that would be a nice shorter version (or nickname) for Lillian.


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