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Jun. 8, 2006

Gross Kid Habit #1 - Picking Nose

My astute little 3 foot wonder has sadly been the recipient of the common boy trait of picking his nose and yes, placing the discovered matter directly into his mouth for immediate consumption.

Okay, so I know this isn’t the worst thing in the world (though it may be kinda close) but I (and I’m sure many other parents and just people in general) don’t like seeing it.

So, regardless of what the ‘experts’ say (actually, I have no idea what they would say but probably something like “let him be, it will cease naturally one day”), I want it to stop. Asap. I'm not keen on waiting for one day because that day may never come and if it’s later than today, IT’S TOO LATE.

So, I’ve resorted to repeatedly advising Alec that it is something done in PRIVATE. Kind of like the discussion on Mutual Exclusivity. I think he’s got that concept down now and as of this morning, I think he’s got “picking his nose in private” sorta figured out.

Now, when he notices I am watching him dig into his nasal cavity, he looks away so he can’t see me. I assume he thinks if he can’t see me, I can't see him.

Well, it’s a start.

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So, you're saying that if I can't see you, you can still see me? Oh.

Kind of reminds me of a friend of ours who had a similar problem when he was several (10+) years older than Alec is now.

His Mum had to tell him to do a certain activity in private (hint: rhymes with 'hacking cough'). Really.


Yes, all kids do it, hopefully they will stop by their teens!

Here's one that's in your future. We're at a ballgame (5th & 6th grade boys) and the picter before every pitch decides that he must adjust his privates...and not discreetly! We were able to tell by the adjustment where the ball would go over the plate! I laughed so hard by ribs still hurt today!


Christian - Oh God! THAT to look forward to huh?

I'll leave that discussion with Alec up to you - Daddy!


DK - How silly! That would tell the batter whether to swing or not!


Adjusting or otherwise messing with the 'privates' is no way as nasty as the nasil noshing! Yeah, he'll get over it...or at least get a better grip on what "private" really means! Happy Parenting! SOOOOO glad you are taking on this challenge of child rearing and not me! You people (parents) rock!


ah, the nose-pickery. Never a fun time, I imagine, but then, I can't really remember those years of my life.

Some habits die hard, though: I sucked my thumb religiously right until I was ending my single digits. Really.


Ok, so my sister in law complains about the same thing with all three of her children. Their ages range from 15 months right up to age 9. She is like " How come your boys don't do it?" I really don't know why some do and some don't. My 2 boys have this cute, but sometimes really inconvieniant, way of disposing their "findings". They call out from the back seat of the car "Booger" with it firmly attached to their little index finger. They will wait for me to dig out a tissue for them to dispose of the treasure they discovered. They will then squeel with delight after the action is completed. I, on the other hand, have now almost hit a poor elderly woman walking on the side of the raod and nearly rear ended another driver while I was quickly trying to retrieve a tissue so that the tiny little "booger" wouldn't maybe possibly fall to the ground of my vehicles "clean" floor! (Yeah right! Would it really matter!) Anyway, I guess it all works out for the better, since they both know that their little nose treasures should be disposed of correctly and not eaten! I have never even used the "eat" word around them. For fear of what that may do to their routine. I am happy with how they have grown into their "booger" removal and am thankful they don't find them tasty.

Good luck with Alec, my sister in law would love to see how you cure him of his little habit. Let me know how it goes!


I'm lucky that Zach is not a nose picker... he's too busy playing with other parts of his body.


Michelle - I'm not sure that's lucky! But then again...maybe it is. Good luck to ya on that one!