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Jun. 25, 2006

Key to Long Life - uh oh

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - People are more likely to see their 100th birthday, research hints, if they were born to young mothers.

The age at which a mother gives birth has a major impact on how long her child will live.....

The chances of living to the ripe old age of 100 -- and beyond -- nearly double for a child born to a woman before her 25th birthday, Drs. Leonid Gavrilov and Natalia Gavrilova reported. The father's age is less important to longevity, according to their research.

They found that while being born to a young mother was an important predictor of reaching 100, other factors seem to help someone live an exceptionally long life.

These include growing up in the Western part of the U.S., spending part of one's childhood on a farm, and being born first.

"Before her 25th birthday"? Oh SH_T! So, exactly how long will my children's lives be? How far below 100 years old will they hit? Is it exponentially reduced per year (or decade) over 25? Is the fact that I'm asking 'per decade' sad enough?

At least we live in the 'Western part of the U.S.' I wonder how many years that will buy them?

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bummer, I had an old mom, and i believe her mother was no spring chicken. My mother had me at 40, she died at 68. I was hoping to make it longer, but things don't look so good for me according to the findings, city girl, and the youngest. shit! the only thing i have going for me is the NW too. My husband though, should make it to 100. he's from a young mother, the 1st born, grew up on a farm, but no NW till he was over 20, but hell, pretty good for him! Hope my boys follow after him regardless of what they say!
(should i ship them off to the farm or just get a chicken or two? to be safe?)


Let's mom was 19 when she had me, we lived less than a mile away from my Grandmothers(maternal) farm which we visited often for the first year of my life, and I've lived on the West Coast 38 of 40 yrs.

Will I reach 100?


Sorry Joni - looks like you're toast whereas dk appears to be looking nicely at 100+!

It appears I personally will be outliving my children!


Well crap...I guess my boys are doomed too! My first at 35 and my second at 38...I however, am hoping for the daddy part to be inaccurate since my husbands mother popped him out at the ripe old age of about 20! And I have lived in the NW my entire almost 40 years! Maybe that will work for the boys huh? I guess the boys will be taking care of my nappy behind into my 100's since my mother had me at 21 too. I hope they won't be returning the favor though by changing my poopy diapers! Nasty. Thanks for the lovely news Lucky Mom.....ha.


Seeing as I grew up in England with factory smoke belching from the chimneys of all its industrial towns, its a wonder I'm still alive today.

As far as the next generation is concerned, I was under the impression that anyone born today was going to live to about 120 due to the medical advances that will happen over the next 25-50 years. No?


Christian - apparently not. Sorry.


I'm with Christian on this one! I'm living to be 120 regardless of the odds against me (in all cases...old mom, east coast, no farm, last born)! And I hope I have my pals to hang out with me down at the old folks home on a beach in Barbados!


Loreley - yeah, get back to me when you're 85+ (if you can considering you'll be pretty DEAD by then!), then I'll be impressed! Good attitude you have though eh?


Well, this is certainly depressing news. My mom had me at 21, but I always assumed I wouldn't live to a ripe old age with all my bad habits. Poor Zachary. I had him at 38. If I have another, I'm sure she won't make it to her 21st Bday. Is it because after the age of 40, 95% of your eggs are damaged? I read that somewhere, but hope it isn't true.