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Jun. 13, 2006

Top Five Parenthood Resources

Now that baby #2 is due in less than four months, my husband and I find ourselves back at sqaure one as far as making preparations for her arrival are concerned.

We'd forgotten most details about what to expect during the pregnancy – when do you feel the first kick? At how many weeks do you have this or that test.

Details about specific newborn requirements and what to put into the nursery were a little murky too. In fact, we sold or gave away almost everything we had pertaining to baby's first 18 months.

So, I’ve been back on the research program trying to figure out what we really do need, what we have already that would work, what to expect, etc.

In doing so, I’ve found that I rely on a few resources for various needs whether they are material, intellectual or emotional.

1. Product Reviews

Amazon is the best service I have found for product reviews. Not only do they sell pretty much everything in the world but they also have real consumer reviews. I also find Amazon to usually have the best prices on whatever item I’m looking for.

It may be because Babies-R-Us and Toys-R-Us are under Amazon’s on-line umbrella but even products that I find in specialty on-line boutique stores are almost always reviewed on Amazon. How did we know what to buy before Amazon existed?

2. Emotional and Intellectual Support

Babycenter has been a wonderful tool for expert advice on pregnancy, baby and child topics as well as for informational support boards that cover a wide variety of topics. Sign up is free for the basic service which includes pretty much everything.

3. Buying and Selling Used Stuff is a site I use daily. I have found that many children’s items such as Little Tikes playground equipment and other plastic toys are wonderful second-hand buys.

Selling your unwanted kids equipment, toys, clothes etc., is fast and easy and you can require pickup of merchandise vs. having to ship if you desire.

Craigslist is now in many countries. You can browse and post for free (except job listings).

4. Current Health News

Two of the modules I have my Yahoo home page set to are:

Almost daily there is something new about pregnancy or children’s health issues. E.g. the current dispute about whether tuna is safe to eat while pregnant, the whole debacle of ADD/ADHD and other drugs given to children, child car seat safety, and so on.

If you already use Yahoo for your e-mail, adding these modules to your homepage is of course free as well.

5. Fun Facts and other Useful Information

I get the following family-type magazines:

  • Parenting
  • Child
  • Parents

These are really quite cheap when you think about it. About $10 (or less) per year.

I personally dig flipping through them while on the toilet! Gotta keep ‘em handy. They have great articles for different baby and child age groups, tips for bargain (and upscale) shopping, family-friendly vacation destination recommendations, recipes, and much more.

So, these are my favorite baby and kid-related resources. They’re proving to be valuable to me while preparing for babe #2. What are yours?

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