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Jun. 27, 2006

Dial-up Baby Monitor - (wtf?)

I wasn’t sure if I should run out immediately and buy this monitor (also, being so initially impressed possibly even considering it for this weeks’ ‘Featured Product’) or describe my somewhat perplexed thought process in reading more about this amazing new product.

Let me get this straight: I can shimmy my butt down to the corner wine bar for a glass of Pinot Grigio (uh…assuming I wasn’t still knocked up - of course - yeah) and this gadget will simply give me a call on my cell phone when my kid cries or makes any other noise of some predetermined decibel level.

I assume this includes screaming during his kidnapping, coughing as the house burns down and other extraneous noises that could occur while I’m pretty much NOT HOME.

This ‘monitor’ also redials if it gets a busy signal while trying to reach you! Once you are finally contacted, you can also talk TO your child, you know, to let him know you’ll be home as soon as the bill comes.

Right on! Then, I can gulp down the rest of my wine and hurry home to supervise my son, assuming CPS hasn’t already made it there before me. I mean, since it redials and I do have call waiting, I’m sure the CPS investigator will understand.

O.k. I’m all for the latest in strategies to ensure mommy and child are happy simultaneously but a gadget that calls you while you are away?

Wouldn’t that be called a babysitter?

Interestingly these monitors are only sold in Europe at this time. Darned strict American laws!

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Wow...what next? Interesting blog! (they always are, of course!)


Kristine- cute post! My first time out to your site and I'm sure I'll be back. It was nice to see you again on Sunday and I'm looking forward to more!


Why not just combine the web cam with the new baby monitor and presto the child will not only hear you they'll see you when your away. Wow...that is just crazy! What wil they think of next.


Hysterical! Leave it to those "Europeans"!!! HA! Love it!


Nice technology, but will it work on mishaps that occur instantly, Like jumping out of the window? (sorry for a rough example)

Anyway, what is a good age for kids to finally be left on their own?


D3NIS - I'm not sure what age is appropriate. I guess it depends on the maturity of the child(ren). I was left alone at 10 when I was a kid.


Ok - (I do think it is kind of funny)but, with all jokes aside. I live in a very rural area - 29 - little or no crime of ANY kind - other than the occasional road tripping highschoolers who toss a 12 pack in the ditch (I AM NOT A REDNECK EITHER)!

I would love to be able to take my cell and my really big dog at 530 and go for a 10 minute run down the end of my lane and back. This thing would be SO perfect for that!


Stephanie - What/where is rural area 29? Glad to hear there's still places with little or no crime! It sure isn't in my city anymore!


You are The Best!!!

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