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May. 31, 2006

Ultrasound Follow Up - with Dr. God

So, I had my follow-up 21 week ultrasound per Dr. God’s recommendation. Not very eventful which is a good thing when your doctor is looking for abnormalities with your unborn babe.

I was a bit anxious going to this appointment because there was a chance this visit would produce reason for doing an amnio after all. I mean, that was the reason for this visit. To take a second detailed look at the anatomy and ensure there were no 'markers' that could indicate a need for additional testing/intervention.

Plus, last time I saw Dr. God, I left his office not only wondering how I got so lucky to have what appeared to be a healthy fetus but also with a fabulous, spiritual feeling not dissimilar to an out of body experience. Could my luck continue?

Did I mention last time that his Brazilian, dark, wavy hair had grown longer? Wow!

Well, he cut it. That’s o.k. he’s still the best doctor (specialist no less) that I have EVER had.

Anyway, nothing exciting to report which is exciting in itself.

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Yes - little Mowenley is looking very healthy indeed. Let's hope that the only time we have to see her again is when we meet her in person!


Uh...Christian - let's hope no one takes Mowenley seriously! We are NOT naming our child after three of our friends! Sorry, Monique, Wendi and Loreley! I'm sure you understand.

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