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May. 16, 2006


Well, now that we’re settled home from our Arizona trip, it’s time to get back to some more fun topics. I have several I want to chat about but let's start with SURVIVOR!

Now, I love this show though it never seems to change. Immunity and reward challenges, the ‘alliances’ that get formed (several times over in each series), the fact that several weak contestants always seem to slip through the cracks which I find quite amazing and smart e.g. Cirie in this latest series. I mean, that girl didn’t appear to know how to swim when she got there, was absolutely no threat physically and yet, she made it to the top 4!


You reality fans know that the most recent series just ended last Sunday with Aras winning over Danielle (whew).

What I’m really intrigued with today though is Richard Hatch finally getting sentenced for tax evasion. He wins the $1mil in front of millions of viewers and then tries to slip past the IRS and not pay taxes on it. Genius.

Die-hard Survivor fans will remember Richard from the very first series.

He was (and is still in my head), a rather disgusting creature who walked around with his naked, fat a** showing to the assumingly mortified, uninterested other players. Fortunately for us viewers, they blocked out most of his icky body parts. Well, he was clever enough to avoid being voted off and can’t be faulted for that. He won. Smart.

Well, for being such a smart player (he won the $1Mil) he pissed it all away being incredibly stupid and trying to fool the IRS. Then, repeatedly lied to the judge. Dumb, dumb moves.

He will now be spending over 4 years in the slammer.

Good thing he prefers men.

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