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May. 18, 2006

It Really is 'Magic'

Wow, I bet all of you more experienced mommies know this but I am just learning this technique (I prefer to call it magic) and am thrilled with the results.

So, I’ve learned to give (I don’t really dig the word ‘warnings’ exactly as it sounds like something bad is going to happen) notice to my child about upcoming changes e.g. bedtime, getting in the car, brushing teeth etc.

I cannot believe how effective it is and feel like I just hit the dissention-avoidance jackpot!

Luckily, I don’t have too much trouble with tantrums but I have received occasional objections about napping. So, I was in the car with Alec a couple of days ago and started telling him what we were going to do…..go home, have lunch and then a nap.

I repeated this several times until he was sitting having lunch and reminded him about the upcoming nap. Then, like magic, we walked upstairs and got ready for nap.

No objections! Nothing! How easy was that?

Does everyone know this but me? Have I just not needed any techniques before so I didn’t get it? So you don’t have to actually beat your child to get him to do what you want, merely providing advance notice works?

Now, what’s the trick on getting your child to stop eating?

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I'm glad you told me too! Just tonight as we were driving home from the library I must have told Alec we were going to have a bath 20+ times.

Then, once we were inside and it was time to go upstairs and have a bath, off he went with no complaints at all.

Sidenote: the repetition thing works with husbands as well, although usually you only have to repeat something about five times. ;-)


Us women know where this repetition thing comes from don't we gals? It's called 'training the d_g' though meant in a nice way of course. It also involves giving lots of loving praise when it works!


I'll have to try that with Zach. The problem is whenever I give him advance notice on anything, it seems to only give him more time to argue the point. So now I just spring things on him which doesn't seem right. I'm sure he's already in for years of therapy. What's a few more years, right?


Michelle - along with Zach's therapy for veggie denial, he'll be 18!

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