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May. 21, 2006

Dos and Don'ts With Boiled Eggs

Pregnancy cravings? No. What I could stomach during weeks 6-10? Yes.

Not feeling so great during weeks 6-10ish became all about what I could get down the hatch. I didn't really buy into the cravings thing as I didn't crave anything. It was about what didn't sound disgusting.

In my case this was about nice, warm boiled eggs with salt. Oh, and the odd Krispy Kreme dozen.

Problem: Don’t microwave boiled, peeled eggs and then bite directly into them! I’m positive this is common sense but evidently I missed that class.

I looked like I’d had a collagen injection into my top lip, which isn’t exactly a bad thing but it didn't exactly match the botton one….I guess I should have known. Something didn’t seem quite right about placing a boiled egg into the microwave but I did it anyway.

Being slightly pregnant and not being able to stomach many things, it sounded good. A nice, hot, boiled egg with salt on it. Innocent enough yes?

No. Don’t do it. It sounded like a car tire blowing up or a firecracker exploding and it not only ended up all over the kitchen but all over me, successfully taking the majority of the skin off my upper gum. Ouch.

Stupid. Stupid.

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I must admit, it did give you a very 'Hollywood' look for a few days! No permanent damage done, thanksfully.


Ha! Excellent cautionary tale - I'll take heed!


It happened to me recently. I'm now 7mo pregnant and was craving a boiled egg. Had a batch of eggs I boiled up for Easter. Removed the shell microwaved it for 20 seconds. I did get two small bites in and it exploded in my face. I am traumatized, probably won't me having boiled eggs for a while.


V.E. - funny how we crave these darned things. I too was traumatized! It does wear off eventually but you certainly won't do it again.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one~


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