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May. 2, 2006

Brother or Sister?

Apparently more people read Lucky Mom than I realized as the last sentence in the prior post mentioned that we know the sex of the pending babe. I received quite a few phone calls and e-mails about this along with a few comments.

(Thanks to those who commented by the way!).

To make a quick answer long and over-dramatically drawn out, let’s start at the beginning.

Husband and I have always felt our son Alec is a very easy-going and sweet boy. Doesn't cause us any really stress, always has slept like a teenager who won’t get up for school, eats well and doesn’t hit or fight.

Take a toy away from Alec and he'll typically walk away and get another one, though he’s starting to find it more traumatic lately – hmm?

Anyway, we’ve pondered the ‘should Alec have a sister or brother?’ question for awhile, like we actually had any control over this.

And, as you may know, I like T-bars – you know, the pro’s on one side, cons on the other. I also tend to fancy spreadsheets. But, since I don’t know how to create that on the post, I’ll just type it out.

Pros to Alec Having a Brother:

  1. He’s could use a brother to ‘toughen him up’ a bit. Teach him to wear jeans (he doesn’t even own a pair) and be more assertive. Fight like the other boys and steal their toys. Hit and kick. Throw stuff. Ugh.
  2. I wouldn’t have to buy new stuff. Yes, Alec wears 98% powder blue and white clothing and his room; though admittedly soft boy is still boy.
  3. I don’t really like pink.
  4. I wouldn’t have to shop for cute girl’s dresses, accessories, crib linens, decorations, drapery, pretty summer hats, girly sandals etc.
  5. I ‘know boy’. I don’t ‘know girl’.
  6. He wouldn’t have an emotional sister to fight off.

Cons of Alec Having a Brother:

  1. My baby doesn’t need a brother to ‘toughen him up’ I don’t care how effeminate he is! He doesn’t need jeans and doesn’t need to fight, steal, hit, kick or throw. There.
  2. I wouldn’t get to buy new stuff.
  3. Irrelevant. I wouldn’t have to like pink anyway.
  4. I wouldn’t get to shop for cute girl’s dresses, accessories, crib linens, decorations, drapery, pretty summer hats, girly sandals etc.
  5. I wouldn’t get to ‘know girl’.
  6. He wouldn’t get an emotional sister to fight off. (Though an effeminate wuss, he’d still be big enough to take her)

Sounds like a wash eh?


I was dying (secretly of course) to have a girl and I got my girl!

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Yay!! Girl!! I took was SECRETLY hoping! Healthy is most important and you are going to have both!!! Ma ma!


I could have gone either way - 10 working fingers and toes is enough for me. I'm glad it's a girl if it means so much to you, my dear (which I thought it might).

Your happiness is my happiness! :-)


I don't think it's possible for the Gods to give you anything else. You have it all... A God husband, a Prince son and now a healthy Princess daughter on the way, not to mention your perfect friends. :-)


A pair of jeans certainly wouldn't hurt the kid but I'm glad it's a girl too. Congrats to you both.


Michelle T. - Don't say that as my luck might run out! I'd like to keep the Lucky part of my title! : )


'Anonymous' (hmmmm...) - I know jeans won't hurt him but mainly they don't fit him right. He's not slender! He does have jean shorts though! : )


Yay! You will love the whole girl experience! A word of caution: you will not want to dress her in pink but ultimately you will give in. You will find it somehow an assault on your own femininity when someone thinks she's a boy - after all, she looks just like you!



I am so happy for you!! You will have so much fun with a little girl!! Yeah!


You will enjoy all the girly stuff. A boy and a girl will be lovely. After having my daughter I worried about having a boy. I didn't know boys, it scared me. I now have two wee sons and they are perfect, as is my daughter.



Yay Bubblewrap! I'm so glad you are having a girl. If Alec needs some toughening up/boy lessons, I can have Wyatt drive down in the dump truck and rough him up a little bit, (i.e show him how to hit, throw, spit, pinch, bite ankles and wear jeans like a model).

In return, I'd like Alec to teach Wyatt the periodic table of elements, as well as Spanish.

Fair enough?


Thanks everyone for the kind words!

Tami - As much as I'd love to agree to the exchange, I don't want my baby hurt! : )
Wyatt could sooo take Alec!


Yay!!! I can't beleive your having a Girl - that is awesome! A boy for you and believe me this... A girl for Daddy! Save your pennies they are F.U.N. to shop for and with :-)

We need to get together, Baseball season is half over now... life will return to somewhat normal soon. I am soooo happy for you! One of each is the BEST!!


Great baseball article, wish more were like this!


I completely love your blog, Its wonderful to find not everybody is just posting a heap of crap now a days!

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