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May. 5, 2006


Well, we are off tomorrow for a week, to the land of HOT. Which land of HOT? Arizona.

About say February of this year, I was at my worst with nausea, headaches and zero energy when my husband dragged Alec and me to the park one Saturday.

Since its Seattle, it, of course, was raining. As many Seattleites do every winter, we threaten to move to Arizona. To be more precise, it doesn’t have to be winter to make these threats. Spring, fall, even part of summer we participate in the threat process.

During this ‘walk in the park’ otherwise known as ‘hell in the rain’ for me, my husband mentioned moving to a nicer climate as a possibility. At that point, just the idea of moving in to a dry shed would have been met with elation.

So, the mere mention of this sparked my energy and the next day, I booked us flights, car, hotel etc. in Arizona just to ‘check it out’ and have a bit of a sunny vacation. Then I told my husband. He kinda laughed. At least I think it was laugh.

My husband is from England so he’s pretty used to crap weather like we have though he keeps the door ajar to moving to England in the future by swearing "it’s not quite as bad as Seattle weather". Sure thing babe.

Searching for Homes

I think the images of the backyard pool, barbeque patio with comfy furniture, and children’s play area in all of the on-line house-for-sale photos I’m seeing has got me! I realize it’s bloody HOT there for a few months of the year. Okay. So we stay inside or play in the pool.

In Seattle, we stay inside for 9 months of the year, have “Seasonal Affective Disorder”, take our Zoloft or Prozac and bitch about the dreary, depressing weather outside.

The three months (if we’re lucky) of beautiful weather, which I must admit is stunning, seem to be forgotten so quickly once fall rolls around again and we ‘head inside’ until the 4th of July the following year.

So, stay inside 9 months and complain because we’re depressed about the dreariness


Stay inside (sorta) for 3 or 4 months and have the sun shining outside?

Just my thoughts for now. We’ll see if we feel the same way when we return from the projected 97 degree May weather. I was hot here in Seattle yesterday and it hit 73.

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Hope you are enjoying great family time in the sun!! Are you HOT yet?xo


I LOVE sure to buy a house with a guest room :)