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Apr. 29, 2006

There IS a God!

I swear I got up yesterday with full intent (or at least pretty much a lot of intent) to go through with the amnio. Though I had very odd dreams for much of the night, I had decided it made the most sense to do it.

So, we packed up son and went to our appointment. I was nervous and not very happy about the situation but realized it had to be done.

An intern came in first to do a preliminary ultrasound. (Did I really need to be the subject of a trainee right now? I had made the decision and just wanted to get on with it.) A good 45 minutes later, intern has non-intern come into the room to check her work. Good lord. Another 20-30 minutes.

I couldn’t really ask my 2½ year old to hang in the room so long watching ultrasound images, so husband took him outside to play while I lay there forever, dying to pee.

After non-intern finishes up her grading process, another assistant comes in to have me sign appropriate releases (of liability no less), explains what I should and shouldn’t do for the next day or so, preps me and gets all the supplies ready on the table.

Now, this is where it gets a bit interesting. First, a little background:

This doctor, who is a perionatologist in the high-risk pregnancy dept. was one we saw when I was pregnant with Alec. He was so great; I wrote a wonderful letter to the hospital about him.

This doctor is literally a GOD! Not only his he Brazilian, handsome as all get out but has a bed-side manner of a, well, a GOD. That is the only word that can really explain him.

I don’t think he wears a watch as he always spends an inordinate amount of time with his patients which I find even more amazing.

So, he comes into the room and after the warm greeting, a teeny, tiny part of the conversation literally goes like this:

Dr. God: (Strong Brazilian accent). "Why are we doing an amnio today?"

Me: "Ummm…. Because I think I should I guess. Right? I’m 40 and I’m uh., gosh, um because I’m prepared to and, well, uh……wow, you’re hair is longer now"…oops.

Dr. God: "I don’t think you need to have this amnio."

Then he said a bunch of other stuff about the risk of the amnio being higher than my odds of a genetic problem, my general health, the measurements being perfect at this point, something about DNA etc.

A good five minutes goes by and all his talk makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I feel like getting a kitten and singing a hymn.

He talks to you like you are absolutely the most important person in the world to him and you start seeing stars and thinking 'I’ll do whatever you say, God'.

Me: "Wow, I never expected you to say this. Wow. Wow." Are you sure you’re a doctor and not something delivered straight from heaven?

Dr. God: "If this were my wife, I would recommend that she decline the amnio."

I’m mesmerized to a freaky spiritual level at this point and utter something about, whatever, doesn’t really matter as its gibberish. I’m really just getting glossy-eyed and dizzy this point. I start thinking I really should learn to go to church.

He further states we can look again at 21 weeks with a 3D-4D machine but his ‘feeling’ is that everything is perfectly fine. He restates his ‘feeling’ and other non-scientific reasons why I don’t need one.

Me: "Wow."

Then I forget that we’re still talking as I’m feeling like I’m floating in heaven and I get off the table and pull up my underwear and pants not realizing he’s still in the room talking to me. Not that he hasn’t seen it before, but still!

Maybe it’s just he isn’t one of the those doctors who’s still talking to you as they’re sneaking out the door so you can’t possibly get another question in once they end their sentence.

Dr. God then goes into the lobby to meet Alec and see my husband and explains his reasons for feeling we don’t need to do the test.

It was the oddest and best doctor visit I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to see him again. I mean, I can’t wait until my next appointment, of course.

My OB is going to kill me! And yes, we did get to find out the babe’s sex during the ultrasound!

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Excellent news about the amnio. You HAVE to tell us the sex now. I'm so hoping that it's a little girl as it would be the best dressed girl in town. In our playgroup, the odds seem to be in favor of the 2nd child being a boy.

I think I have to call you now.


Give it up girl!!!! I am leaving now to take kids out but will call you later today!!! I am SO excited!! xo


A nice doctor makes all the difference doesn't it. Can't wait to find out the sex!

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