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Apr. 15, 2006

No Cable. Bad Timing

This last week has caused Lucky Mom (o.k. me) to re-think my self-proclaimed title. Maybe ‘Sorta-Lucky Mom’ or ‘Usually-Lucky Mom’ or even ‘Just-Not-Right-Now-But-Again-Soon-Let’s Hope-Lucky Mom’.

Alec continued to get better and is now feeling great. Daddy; however, got Alec’s Rotavirus and has been quite sick, though improving. I have been nervously awaiting the inception of the nasty virus myself but so far so good!

As I’ve been nursing the wounded that have been sleeping for England, I’ve had ample time (in fact WAY too much time) to surf our SIX, yes SIX (6) T.V. channels this week.

Let’s see, there’s ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, WB or whatever it’s called and the Discovery channel.

Yep, that’s it.

I always thought and prided myself (who would find that impressive I’m not exactly sure) on the fact that I was a reality buff.

I mean, I am a devoted watcher of The Apprentice, Survivor, America’s Next Top Model, The Bachelor, Bachelorette, American Inventor and American Idol. What happened to Fear Factor? I love that show.

You mean there’s more? On cable? We kinda don’t have cable. We pay $11 or $12 bucks a month for our six channels and never really noticed a problem.

Apparently, I’m quite the novice as I didn’t even KNOW there were a zillion other reality shows out there as they’re on CABLE!

As my sick family was competing for the sleeping quantity title this week, I didn't leave the house. I couldn’t even get to the store to get some celebrity mags!

I’ve fumbled furiously through the channels looking for ANYTHING to watch! My God! I’m soooo bored.

I guess I’ll just have to read………a book.

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I'm so glad to hear that your household is on the mend. You bring up a really good point about another type of emergency awarness.

I remember years ago I really threw my back out and was off of work for over two weeks, unable to move. We only had six channels and I didn't have any unread books or magazines to read. It was the worst two weeks of my life. I vowed to never let that happen again.

Now I have a zillion books to read and every single channel there is. I also keep extra water on hand and canned good in case a disaster happens and we're unable to leave the house.

Our friend Jess swears she could not live without her reality shows on Bravo. It's the only channel she really cares about.


We used to have cable and then spent our life watching Tv. i couldn't get hubby away from MTV and VH1 and at night I watched all the reruns of friends over and over and over.

We got rid of it and now only have freeview.

It has much less channels, but it costs us nothing and I got my life (and my husband)back!

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