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Apr. 21, 2006

"MATURE Mommy"

I have to laugh at the term “mature” though I know it’s true. Anyone over the age of 35 that decides to (or well, just does) get pregnant falls into a ‘high risk’ category.

If you’re audacious enough to be over the age of 40 you’re just plain nuts per some medical professionals and probably just many people in general.

Now, I can understand that a woman’s eggs probably resemble raisins a bit at this point but they still work right?

I realize that odds of having chromosomal and other genetic abnormalities are higher and people might confuse you as being the Grandmother v. the Mother.

Also, I know that it can be very tiring for an older woman (ugh, did I actually say older woman?) to be pregnant especially if she has another child or children.

I also know that my mother’s generation who began having children in their teens, think women having children in their late 30’s and 40’s are crazy.

The funny thing is, many older woman are trying to get pregnant and the teens and young folks of yesteryear (is that a word?) were (sorta, at least in theory) trying not to get pregnant. “It was an accident” I’ve heard a million times. How come younger people have more ‘accidents’?

Anyway, getting back on topic, Mature, old Lucky Mom is pregnant and happily so. That’s what I’m trying to say here.

As my husband and I got married in our 30’s (well into for me) we decided to have ONE child and did so successfully.

We were both adamant about having ONE. We’d be happy to have ONE healthy child and not push our luck. Yep, one child and we’re a perfect little family of three.

Not long ago we (I and then reluctant husband) decided (after foolishly ridding ourselves of most of our baby equipment, clothing etc.) that we’d like to squeak in one more.

So, we did. Well, I mean, we are. It’s not done yet.

When we met our new OB, after a very short amount of time and sadly discussing the fact that I cannot have a ‘natural birth’ (the doors won’t open if you want to picture the problem), she asked if I wanted her to ‘wrap up the tubes’ while she was in there.

"Only take an additional five minutes ya know?"

I guess that was hint. I’ll only be a few days shy of my 41st birthday when this one arrives. Being I’m so ‘mature’ and self-assured, I said OKAY before I realized it.

But we really mean it this time, we’re only having TWO!!

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Oh, believe me, I experienced all that advanced maternal age stuff, too!


Busy Mom - I know, you're made to feel like such a risk-taker!

I don't consider myself much of a risk-taker when it comes to life-threatening physical activities (well, except really cool carnival rides!) but if you believe the OB's, we are up there with bungee jumping with no bungee.

I guess we are cool.


Hi. Thanks for visiting me. A good friend of mine's mom, age just fifty, gave birth to twin boys a couple of weeks ago. Their sister is twenty-nine.



My mum had my brother at 42 and she has more energy with him than I do with my 3 and I'm not even 30 yet!

My mum had a trouble free pregnancy while I suffered from chronic sickness and severe spd in all mine.

You know your body, and I know you'll be fine!


Congrats to you! You are going to love having two children. I too am pushing that "Mature" barrier these days, I'll be the big 40 in September this year. Only I already have two little munchkins. One 4 years old and the other only 22 months old. I am (or should I say WE, my husband and I) are still on the fence about having a third child. I worry about the typical stuff like can I handle the hecticness of another little one, will they be awesome little babies like my other two and sleep eight hours at 2 months old, will it be healthy, will I be healthy, will I have twins (they are in my family and it's "my turn" I guess to have them according to my grandmother, and my age certainly doesn't help! All these questions...then I glance down at my little toe headed 22 month old son and see those big blue eyes look up at me and I yearn for another baby. He has been such a joy. (so was my first son, however, I worked the first year of his life so I did miss a few things with him.) I have been able to experience all the wonderment with him and his big brother and I know the baby times are nearing the end soon. I know...we all go through this and of course we aren't going to continue to have more children just because we get the "urge" right??? Well..I know some people who keep pumping them out and have 5 or 6 but that WILL NOT be me. We are still thinking about taking the plunge for numero three, we have lots of friends who have survived three and lots who have had babies into their 40's, so MATURE Mommies and Daddies are out there is abundance, especially in our circle of friends. Actually, if you think about it there are almost more of "Mature" parents than those who are having children at younger ages don't you think?

I say don't worry about the age in years, just realize your "active age" status. Can you have and do you have the energy of a younger mom to handle the schedule. If you do you will be fine! All we all want is a healthy, happy baby that we can raise to be a "good person" right? Congrats again you will do great!


Well, "mature mommy"...this unemployed non-mommy is still trying to figure out how to sell my ripe old almost 43 year old eggs to some desparate-to-be-a-mom mommy! If anyone who doesn't know me well is reading this comment, rest assured, I am just kidding! (sort of!)


Mark - twins at 50? Wow. That's all I can say!


Congrats on your "mature" pregnacy! I hope you have a wonderful, healthy 9 months.

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