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Apr. 1, 2006

Lucky Mom = Celebrity Gossip Addict

I have a sick (not my word) obsession with celebrities. At age 40 I assume I should have more mature things to do with my time and interest like listening to Bill Maher or Face the Nation.

I actually do like those programs but more importantly I can hardly wait until Fridays when the new US, IN TOUCH, PEOPLE, LIFE & STYLE and such rags are placed in the grocery stores racks.

I can’t resist the covers while waiting to pay for my groceries. I hand over a box of raisins to my son to occupy him while I feverishly scan through them at the checkstand hoping to gleen some kind of new gossip even though they’re coming home with me anyway.

The idiosy of all this is that I’m know 90+ percent of what I read in these rags is pure crap, the sad thing is I don’t care! I read them anyway like the fabulous fiction they are.

My husband (he’s not even 40 yet and still doesn’t understand! ??) cringes when I come home with a tabloid so typically I just hide them and bring them out one at a time. They all look alike anyway right?

'They're not mine'

If busted by said husband, I’ve used the ‘they’re not mine, I borrowed them’ excuse (which I have done before so not always a bold-faced lie).

Another justification I’ve used in the past is ‘remember they’re cheaper than a glass of wine’ (and they do last longer). I like good wine so most things are cheaper than a glass so he has absolutely no way to argue that one.

I don’t think there’s a tab out there that costs more than $4.00 or so. Can’t remember exactly as I don’t care.

Also, I have my Yahoo home page set up to give the absolute latest headlines from:

  1. E! Online: News
  2. AP: Entertainment
  3. Gossip/Celebrity News from Reuters.

Today's celeb bits

Doesn’t everyone? I mean, just today I found the following celeb bits:
D.J. AM and Nicole Ritchie – I’m so glad they’re back together. I was saddened when they broke up. Maybe he just couldn’t find her skinny butt for awhile and they deemed it a breakup.

Also, how about – Angelina. I mean, look at how great she still looks at a hundred months pregnant. How come HER arms, legs and other extremities are still so slim and sleek?

Paris Hilton – kinda bored with her. Not much interesting going on there. I need a replacement.

I miss the E! Entertainment Television channel (see future topic about WHY I don’t have this channel any longer) as it was always good for some additional juicy gossip about various thespians.

O.k. maybe there’s a handful of you out there that really don’t care but I’d bet many of you closet celebrity stalkers do. I'm going to take the liberty in putting many of you in the same ‘ol closet as the ‘I only smoke when I drink’ folks. I mean, how do so many magazine issues get sold if no one is buying them!

So, in a nutshell (really a tiny nutshell as there is SOOOO much more important celebrity stuff going on - like is Katie really going to be silent during the birth of that baby of hers and the Alien chaser?) that’s it for this post.

Is there even a Celebrity Gossip Addicts Anonymous group anyway? No, so It can't be a problem. Right?

Related future post topics:

  1. Reality shows! My second favorite vice. Or really, maybe tied with first favorite vice, I’ll have to think about priority order on those two.
  2. No ‘real’ Cable.

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I am so glad that I am not the only one!

My particular weakness is reality TvVshows. It got so bad during Big Brother and X Factor last summer that hubby set me up my own blog at just to write about my passion.

I think it was just so that I would stop gabbling on to him about the latest goings on in TV land and tell people who actually cared!


Lisa - You certainly aren't. Just the first to admit it on this blog at least! I'm going to have to check out your new blog. Sounds like my thing and I need another outlet too. My husband pretends he doesn't listen (I KNOW he doesn't care) but he does as I know when he's lying. I'll test him on something I've told him before and he tries to fake it and pretend he doesn't know the answer. Bad liar!


So, what about Matt LaBlanc & wife of only 3 yrs. divorcing already? Kinda sad that celebrity relationships appear to be so disposable.


Julie B. - That's so last week! Just kidding. I don't know what I think of that one. His show gets dumped (I think) and his child with said wife has some serious health problems and now they're splitting. Why get hitched if you cruise as soon as there's problems. 'cause ya know we know all about what goes on in their lives since we read the rags! he


I realize I am a disgrace to the world of celebs...I don't even know who these people are??? DJ AM and Nicole...huh??? The tickets to Sundance Film Festival were practically wasted on me. I can't keep up with the people I care about, not to mention these strangers. Hey, who am I to judge...everyone has their vice and I certainly have mine! ENJOY!


Loreley - no my friend, you're one of those few still out there that are NOT closet celeb whores! You can actually hold that title with pride kind of like being a virgin.....(well, not you but others who hold that coveted know what I mean..)


Lucky Mom - I admit that I usually flick through the latest gossip mag while I'm eating my breakfast, but that's because it beats reading the cereal packet…again.

But that's really as far as my interest goes. I have to admit that gossip mags are better than the gossip shows on TV - I hate the way they take 10 minutes of news/information and stretch it out to a full show. That sort of thing drives me nuts!


I didn't know about Matt LaBlanc's child having serious health problems. Please fill me in. My husband had been threatening and finally cut me off from buying anymore tabloids. I was spending $20. every Friday. So now I'm reduced to watching 30 mins. of E TV to learn 10 mins. of new news. Sob.


Michelle T - how could you not know? And how could your husband cut you off from them? I'm going to have to buy them from now on and quit borrowing from you! At least you have E!


Let's see.... I have a medium interest in general celebrity gossip and usually catch Entertainment tonight here and there. I usually read Michelle's gossip mags occasionally, but don't usually buy there.

However my HUGE HUGE downfall is bad reality TV. I say bad, b/c classy reality TV like Survivor, Amazing Race, etc doesn't interest me. It's got to be on Bravo or VH1 (really low class!). Let's see I watch Blow Out religiously (on the 3rd season now!). I also like Top Chef, Real Orange County Housewives (though it could be better/ juicier), Surreal Life on MTV. And this is really embarassing but I watched the whole Flavor of Love season where Flavor Flav dated very trashy ladies w/ large busoms......

So I love to hear about reality TV. Oh I do like Apprentice which I think might be somewhat respectable............