Lucky Mom

Apr. 25, 2006


I hope someone can help me find my energy and normal appetite again ‘cause I can’t seem to find them.

Just as I yacked on about being a mature (old) mommy, I realized “hey, I’m 16 weeks prego now and I still haven’t gotten my energy back." No spinning class, aerobics, swimming, treadmill – nada!

I’m still going to the Taco Bell drive thru instead of making healthy food. Even my favorites, lobster, crab (pretty much any seafood) along with tomato and avocado salad, asparagus and of course WINE aren’t doing it for me.

I’m frightened. I need to WANT to work out and eat right again.

Please help.

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You'll find it! Give yourself a break! Rest up! I think you're gonna need the energy later!


Loreley - I HAVE rested up and given myself too many breaks! Enough already!


You are so high energy that I know you'll soon get it back. You should just relax and enjoy some downtime as it may be 18 years before you get any again.


Crap! I feel the same way and I aint prego!! Ugh....

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