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Apr. 11, 2006

Dehydration = Reality

To make a long, uninteresting (to the masses who don’t know Alec) story bearable, I’ll keep this brief and include the ‘moral of the story’.

Alec was admitted to the hospital Sat. and remained for two nights. ER Attending doctor worried about 3-4 tiny red bumps. Thought it could be a blood bacterial infection.

Alec also dehydrated (sigh…) and needed IV fluids.

E.R. nurse took 30 minutes to find vein to take blood and insert IV line. Alec had to be restrained by four people the entire 30 minutes.

Four adults holding down screaming 2.5 year old for 30 minutes to me = tramatic event I don't want repeated unless really, really necessary.

IV line not inserted properly so Alec's arm (non-medical term obviously) 'filled up with water' after about 3 hours. Circulation also cut off due to tape wrapped too tightly. Arm felt has hard as a concrete pipe.

Mom, Dad and Alec - very unhappy. IV removed.

Blood tests come back negative for blood and other bacterial infections.

Throughout next two days, Medical Residents pressure Mom and Dad to re-start IV line. Pediatrician says not necessary. Suspects Rotavirus.

Mom and Dad decline IV line. Medical Resident - unhappy. Mom and Dad - happy.

Per hospital rule, Dad sleeps both nights IN hospital bed with Alec. Both get no sleep due to heart rate and respiratory monitors continually going off.

Mom gets little sleep on room bench.

Severe diarrhea kicks in. Mom and Dad worried about Medical Resident returning waiving IV line. Doesn't. Pediatrician arrives, examines and orders discharge.

Mom, Dad and Alec go home. Alec not better but appears to be improving.

Moral? You know your child best. Though we would have immediately agreed to another IV if Pediatrician had recommended, she didn't and we felt we could assist in hydrating him without the trauma of not only the needle insertion but possible failure again.

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I'm so glad that you followed your instinct on the IV thing. I can't imagine how horrible it must have been seeing your poor little guy in so much discomfort. I'm just the auntie and it broke my heart to see him in the hospital and feeling so bad! I'm glad that you're all home sleeping in your own beds again. You're two are amazing parents...Alec is one "lucky boy"!


I'm so sorry to hear about all that. I can't even imangine Zachary going through something like that and hope he never does. How could they screw up his IV like that? Knowing you, I'm surprised that you didn't die of a heart attack. How is he doing now?

Are there any warning signs to the rest of us to know when a fever has turned dangerous? Fevers are the one thing that really freak me out. I took my son to the hospital for his first cold and he didn't even have a fever.

I'm back in town and available to come over and play with Alec so you can catch up on some rest if you'd like. Otherwise Hannah Andersson is having a huge outlet sale.


I'm so sorry to hear of this ordeal! Please update us in a couple of more days and let us know if Alec is completely recovered.


It was so difficult seeing my little buddy so sick and lethargic. You are so right to question what the medical professional sometimes recommend for your children, and for us as adults as well. They are not gods and I have found through personal experience that different Dr.'s, nurses etc., can have very different approaches to dealing with a medical condition. Moral is: always trust your instincts and questions are a good thing. You can never ask too many when it oomes to your body.


Poor baby. its hard enough to see your child in pain, without having to help inflict it, no matter how noble the cause. My heart goes out to you. I hope Alec gets better quickly. Keep us informed.


My heart goes out to you!!

Having a son myself (only a few months older than Alec)I can't even begin to imagine how awful it would be to see him so sick. Not to mention the blunder with the IV!!!

I agree, we know our children's needs better than anyone and should always stand up for what we intuitively know is right. Good for you!!

Please keep us posted!! Big hugs to you all.


Thanks everyone! Alec is much, much better!

Michelle - I think I may HAVE had a heart attack just didn't have time to have it treated!

Apparently, fevers are not considered 'dangerous' just meaning needing to be checked out, until they get to 104. Alec wasn't even admitted due to his fever, but rather the 'rash' they were worried about.


I don't know how you parents do it!? Hang in there you guys! Keep up the good (however, exhausting) work!