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Apr. 27, 2006

Amniocentesis - Pros and Cons

So, I’m down to 18 hours pre-amnio and I’m still unsure and a bit uneasy about going through with this pre-natal procedure.

The pros, the cons, the negotiating in my head about it. Am I really going to wait until the exact moment of seeing the approaching needle to decide?

Will it depend on if the weather is nice in the morning? Or rather, if I got a good nights sleep?

Let’s do a sort of quasi T-Bar –

The Pros:

  1. Can find out the babe’s gender.
  2. Can say I did it and satisfy my OB.
  3. Husband will take the day off.
  4. I can relax the remainder of the day since ‘I’m told I should’.
  5. I can have a glass of wine afterward since ‘My OB said I should’. O.k., she said I ‘could’ but ‘should’ / ‘could’ whatever. They’re pretty much the same.
  6. Oh yeah, and that genetic abnormality detection thingy. Yeah, I’ll find that stuff out too.

The Cons:

  1. It’s not very fun. I’ve had one.
  2. There’s the risk of miscarriage involved though admittedly (or is it maybe more allegedly) small.

My current OB: “Oh, the risk is soooo small. In fact, I’ve only known one person in 17 years who’s lost the baby due to the procedure."

Last OB: “I’ve never known anyone during my entire time practicing that lost a baby”.

Um…o.k. so where do the 1/200 to 1/400 stats come into play may I ask?????

Anyway, I’m still debating in my head like a ping-pong game though I don’t know what side of my brain is pro and which is con.

I guess I’ll find out tomorrow what my decision is.

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SO, how'd it go?? Do you get the glass of wine or not?? LOL
I have been thinking about you today?


Dayna M - why, you want a glass?


I lost my son at 16 1/2 weeks due to amnio. The autopsy showed the physician went through the placenta which caused an infection. I lost him 5 days later. Just ask yourself, if it is really worth it? It won't be for me in the future.

Note: The physician was in genetics and performed over 2000 amnio's a year.


I lost my baby after an amnio at 33 weeks. Major blood loss to the baby was the cause.


Sad and Anonymous - I'm sooo sorry to hear that. Does make a case for against doesn't it?

I did have one with my son and all it did was scare us for no reason, everything was fine.


then what do i do? do i go for amnio


what a ridiculous list of pros and cons. im trying to get some information here, as im sure other people might be too.


I am very afraid of the procedure aminocentesis. I am about 19 weeks pregnant.


I would only recomend having an amnio if there is a need for it (like if your screening numbers show you to be at high risk). Also, they do not recommend having one done after you have past 20 weeks (and many docs wont even do it) because the baby gets too big and there is more of a risk to hit the baby with the needle. As far as being scared about the actual proceedure, it hurt less than having blood taken, or plucking out a hair! It was quick and painless. Yes, there is some risk but it really does either put your mind at ease (if all turns out OK)or helps you prepare for what is to come. Good luck!!

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