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Mar. 23, 2006

Yello Dyno! A child safety program

As former Safety Leader at my son’s former pre-school, I attended an introductory seminar for a program called YelloDyno. Assuming (so sadly) that I knew absolutely everything about child safety I assumed it would be pretty lame. “Don’t talk to strangers etc.”. Wrong. Very wrong.

So, I attended an introductory seminar for a program called YelloDyno. Assuming I knew absolutely everything about child safety I assumed it would be pretty lame. “Don’t talk to strangers etc.”. Wrong. Very wrong.


First off, some stats on who really to be aware of:

Acquaintance perpetrators are the most common abusers, constituting approximately 70-90% of all reported perpetrators.
-Finkelhor, D. 1994.

89% of child sexual assault cases involve persons known to the child, such as a caretaker or family acquaintance.
-Diana Russell Survey, 1978

29% of child sexual abuse offenders are relatives, 60% are acquaintances, and only 11% are strangers.
-Diana Russell, The Secret Trauma, NY:Basic Books, 1986.

This was such a great program and I left stunned feeling like I not only need to rethink my strategies of training my son when the time comes but that I had it pretty much all wrong. Please check out the site.

The workshop is not expensive (about $10 per child) and can organized to come to preschools, day cares, whatever-groups etc. They also offer various products you can purchase but I think just the seminar itself is amazing and cost-effective.

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Thanks for passing this info. along. I had never heard about Yello Dyno and will definitely be using their services when my son is old enough to understand. He still doesn't understand the dangers of the parking lot or picking up sharp knives in the kitchen.


As a clinical social worker specializing in treating people of all ages who have been sexually victimized, I can respond by emphasizing that this is a topic that requires ongoing education throughout one's lifetime. I am in the process of setting up a blogging site that will address this subject as well as many others that fall into the 'This could never happen to me...' category. Although the statistics tend to set us back on our heels, we need to remember that we need to be able to talk about this topic in ways to have our children as prepared as possible to make life choices without being paralyzed with fear that someone is going to get them. We also do not want our developing youngsters to embrace the collective denial of our society and simply reason 'it will never happen to me.' Eventhough 'bad things can happen to well prepared people,' having supportive relationships where we can talk about anything and everything can do much to minimize the risks. Effective and protective minded parents need always to give their children a safe place to disclose all the burdens, concerns and, yes, joys that they carry, without fear of talking about something that could get them in trouble.


Connie F. - I look forward to your website on this topic! As you said, being able to ensure our children feel safe and comfortable talking to us without fear of punishment or ridicule is so important. Thanks for the post!


Thanks for bringing this up. It is something we all have to be aware of, but something I hate to think about.

In truth it means that we can't even trust those who are close to us, I hate having to be suspicious of people. But I'd rather that, than having anything happen to one of my babies!

Connie can I ask you to email me the link to your site once it is up and running. My daughter is now 4 years old, is this to young to broach the safety/abuse topic with her. if not how on earth do I adress this issue without terrifying her.

Any suggestions or help anyone can give would be so gratefully received.


Hope you don't mind lucky mom but I linked to this post on my blog. Its a hugely important issue, thanks for raising it!


Lisa - I know it's so frightening to think about this kind of thing and yet so good to talk about. Of course I don't mind you linking to the post. My BIGGEST concern for my son is his safety (and I'm a bit neurotic - read 'The Rock' entry!) : )

This seminar was a bit frightening but SO enlightening too!


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