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Mar. 25, 2006


As much as I love being pampered at the local (and not so local) spa I’m the first to admit that I won’t pony up for the $60+ pedicure. Instead, I love my local Korean-owned nail joint that charges $20 for a ‘spa’ pedicure with the cushy, massage chair and so on. You all know these pads.

Though I’m way too afraid to give my hand for finger-nail work (prefer salons or ‘spas’ for these) as they use that dreaded drill-thingy that sends my nerve endings sky-high just thinking about them, here is my quandry that I KNOW others have faced:

I swear every time I’m there, I decide I’m going to march straight home, get on-line and learn Korean. Not the whole bloody language but just enough to know what the heck they are saying when they snicker and talk among themselves sneaking intermittent peeks at you. When you catch them looking at you, they smile and of course you smile back. Then, they appease you with the obligatory question about if you’re working today or how your child is.

They do have phenomenal memory about things you’ve told them ya know. Do they know English better than we think?

Now, I certainly don’t mean this to be some racial thing so please, save me that as I love the gals there. I just want to know the heck is so funny.

Is it possible they aren’t talking about me at all?

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Maybe they are complimenting you on your fabulous hair or great fashion sense! That's what i would tell myself anyway!


Hysterical!! I remember the days!! It has been YEARS since I have had the patience and self dicipline to handle this "nail thingy" for an every two week (at the most grow out is so gross) fill!!! However, I was certainly in your shoes and OH my GOD!! Can they ask you if "you work today" or "how is you baby" Too funny!! Thanks for the laugh!


Lisa - I'll try telling myself that but I can't imagine my mommy sweat pants and hair pulled back is doing it!


OMG, this is so funny. I thought my Asian nail lady was really interested when she asked me about work. I guess it never really occurred to me that she asks the same question every time, my answer is always the same and that pretty much ends the conversation for the duration of my visit. Maybe I'll change it up next time and see how she responds. Doesn't really matter though. She's just 2 blocks from my house, always gets me in when I call and does a great job. I'll gladly be the butt of their jokes as long as the service never changes.


Perhaps you should take a crash course in Korean ?

Here's a starter:

ahn-nyong-ha-se-yo = how are you?
koh-mahp-soom-ni-da = thank you


On Sex and the City the other night (yeah, okay, I am the resident "non-mommy" who still watches ...and relates to Sex and the City reruns!) Miranda was ordering Chinese delivery and the girl taking the order kept giggling at her. She was so offended and annoyed by the giggling she received every time she called in her order, she marched down to the restaurant to tell her off in person. Turns out the girl was just a giggler.

When I was living in Prague, the Czechs made fun of the "American Smile." Said we smiled all the time. They found it phoney and insincere. I told them, no, it's just how we are. It's part of our culture...we actually are a smiley bunch of folks. So I think what you've got here is just a giggly bunch of gals!

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