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Mar. 28, 2006

Mutually Exclusive - of course!

“Alec, it’s mutually exclusive”!! "What don’t you understand about that? Alec? Are you listening?" Do I actually say this to my 2.5 year old son? Yes, sadly and often.

Maybe it’s just that with the exception of the last 2.5 years, I’ve been around adults and only adults.

Yes, ONLY adults. I mean it. No babysitting, no nieces, no nephews and so on.

So, though I’m pretty good at communicating with my toddler and learned the obligatory nursery rhymes etc., I sometimes revert back to speaking real ‘adult’. Maybe it’s that I yearn for more adult talk. Not sure, but when I ask Alec a question and I get an answer that maybe I don’t want (like ‘NO’), I ask him the opposite question and I still get ‘NO’.


Mommy: "Alec, want to go outside?"

Alec: "NO"

Mommy: "Alec, want to stay inside?"

Alec: "NO"

Mommy: (taking deep breath first) "Want to play upstairs?"

Alec: "NO"

Mommy: (running out of patience) "Want to play downstairs?"

Alec: "NO"

Hmmm….now I know that many kids say ‘NO’ to everything so I throw in a test question like “Alec, would you like a snack?” to which he promptly replies ‘YES’.

Maybe he’s trying to drive me nutty or maybe he’s 2.5 years old.

Probably the latter.

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I do the same thing sometimes. But you'd be surprised how quickly they pick things up, sometimes its better that you don't dumb down your speech too much as they will increase their vocabulary greatly by listening to you.


I usually do use adult words but get carried away when he doesnt understand them; hence, why I have trouble with him not understanding 'mutually exclusive'!


Well, I don't seem to have trouble communicating with your 2.5 year old. Maybe he is messing with you. We had a very lengthy discussion on statistic the other day and he seemed quite engaged! hehehe


Anonymous - Hmmmm...I'm assuming you helped him grasp the concept of probabilities too? Good, because them I don't have to teach him that tomorrow as planned!


Knowing Alec, I'm sure that if you asked him to define "mutually exclusive", he could, if he was in the mood that is.


i'm not sure i understand "mutually exclusive"?
I'll ask Ghett, but he'll probably just say "NO". that is definitely the word of choice with toddlers. I often start singing the Beatles "she loves you, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" in hopes he'll change to Yeah instead, never works. You'll be surprised in the next few months how many more words he says, and understands, it's like an explosion! like the "blow out" diaper, it's in there it just takes a little while to move up and out the back! then it's all over! or it's all in their heads it just takes a little while to come out as speach. then he'll say all the things you don't want him too, (if you're like me you'll be the first to introduce that small curse bomb) or he'll surprise you with "escavator", or the line from a song just played, they are amaxing! but then the repetition sets in, oh brother! then you'll long for the bygone days of NO.