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Mar. 19, 2006


Welcome to Lucky Mom! This is my first blog post so let's see….what should I say? Hmmmm…what about why this site exists and what it's all about? Will folks be interested in reading my blog? I do have some un-politically correct views on stuff. Wonder how that would go over?

My inspiration to create this site came from many friends and family members who not only know how fiercely I'm devoted to my son but how many 'funny' (I think they mean odd) things occur on a daily basis that they find worth telling others about!

Now, what does that mean? How psycho I am about my son's safety? The fact that I won't let anyone take him in the car but me (I'm warming up to my husband taking him but that's on a case by case basis!) How I envision my son falling a million (o.k. maybe three) feet off playground equipment unless I'm hovering over him like velcro?

I see the normal mommies sitting on the benches, latte in hand, chatting with their friends silently laughing at me! Fine I say! Back to that later…

Everyone has always said "you're so lucky" and "what a Lucky Mom you are" ever since becoming a mom. I'm rarely stressed, get great sleep, have a husband I swear was delivered straight from the Husband-God factory and am really happy.

(If you're interested in more detail on that, please take a peek at my 'about' page.) The only problem is, most my friends are too busy and stressed out so I rarely get to hang out with them! Poor me, whine! Or is it 'pour me more wine'?

I admit it. I've got time on my hands. I'm really not into hurrying or being rushed (well, unless someone's life depends on it - which fortunately it never has.) I'm not lazy at all; just don't want to over-book myself or my son.

Please write me and tell me your story… if you have time. Seriously, I'd love to hear from others! Mainly because I need something to do! Thanks!

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"Husband-God factory"?! Well, I'm not sure about that, but thank you anyway! Hmmm, maybe I should set up a site called "Lucky Dad", because that's how I feel to be blessed with a child like ours.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing what it takes to be a 'lucky mom', so keep up with the blog posts!


Wow! Cool looking site Man! So professional; I'm very impressed.

Right, lets get the discussions going! I'm jumping right in here....
Latte drinking Moms: Be gentle on us :) I love my park (or even parking lot) playdates and semi-ignoring my kid/s whilst I sip a lovely grown up-ish beverage is my link to the outside world. I love being a stay at home mom, but I thrive on community and communication. Plus, I love watching my son "work it out" with other kids and sometimes even other parents. It's amazing to watch and he does a great job given the chance.

Question: Do you feel you are judged differently because of being a first time mom? I feel it is definetly a different club I'm in now that I've had my second.


Though my "baby" is a young man now, I still love your site and your approach to motherhood. Where were sites like this when I was a young mother? Oh yeah, we weren't all connected on the internet back then. (Darn!)

Your vendor links are very helpful since I still purchase baby/toddler gifts for friends and like you, I like things that are stylish and new.

I look forward to seeing your site evolve and grow so, I'll be checking back in again soon.

4 the look of your site. I haven't entered the world of motherhood (yet?), but I found your link to Amazon very helpful in purchasing a new digital camera. I will definitely be back for other shopping ideas and look forward to your entertaining blog entries.


your site looks great, i hope to stop in often and see how you are growing and changing, and for the cute, quirky blogs of yours. i too have been a neurotic mommy with my first son, i have had many visions of him being harmed in a variety of ways, it is a curse. it's good to know i'm not alone. like Kerry i have joined the new club of a 2nd child, a little more stress but a lot more love! looking forward to reading some insights from other "lucky moms"!
good luck!


Kerry H. -

Thanks for the nice comment!

I'm not sure about being judged as a first time mom. Probably judged because I LOOK like a neurotic one at best! Yikes! As recently as yesterday my munchin cried when a much-smaller little one 'patted' him gently on his face. I can't imagine he was hurt; just offended someone would be in his 'personal space' or something! : )


H-God - thanks my darling! You and Alec are the main reasons I'm the Lucky Mom!


Wendi W. - did they even have typewriters when you had your son? JUST KIDDING!


Monique J. - What's the ? mark for? Not sure if you're already a mother. Something you're not telling us? Glad you could use the site for your shopping needs!


Joni H. - Glad you like it! Thanks for checking it out and keep coming back!


Wow, this turned out really great! As a childless gal with plenty of new(ish) moms in my friendship circle, I can easily click on your site and find out what the heck people want for their kids these days when gift-giving times roll around! Very helpful for someone who is pretty much 'out of it' when it comes to kid stuff. Thanks!


I love the site! I think it offers some fabulous shopping and ideas. The actual site is laid out very well and Kristine, your Blog is great! It is so you! So what if your a neurotic mommy, (I have a few friends who could give you a run for your money, talk about neurotic!), your son is wonderful and very safe! Not many people can say that! I am not neurotic (as you already know), and I am sure I am one of those Moms you are joking about with the latte in hand doing about five other things at once and still managing to take care of my two little guys. However, I can sympathize with your not wanting anyone but you to drive your son anywhere. I too was the same way with my first. You will have a different outlook with your second. Maybe???

Good luck. It looks great and I look forward to seeing how this takes off for you. I am impressed.



Nice! I've gotta get one of those Moby things (and find someone who'll let me carry their kid around in it). Can't wait for your unpolitically correct commentary. Curious!


Dear, Dear Lucky Mom! You are indeed a Lucky mom! Alec is such a wonderful little boy - we feel fortunate to call him our nephew!
Kristine - what a great site! It is so well done - I have enjoyed reading your first blog post and comments. Really looking forward to seeing how the site evolves.
Great resources too - especially for those of us that are the "childless ones", who can go get a guilt-free latte anytime. We never know what to get for kids these days, so you can be sure we will be checking in often.


Wow, what a cool idea! I had no idea that you could do this sort of thing. I hope it works out well for you. I'll shop when I can, definitely!!! Sure do miss seeing you gals down at Arnie's. I'm working lunches now Mon.- Thurs. and then I kept my Sat. nights for now. Maybe you and Wendi could make it in for lunch sometime soon? OK, or maybe I'll see you at the pool again. Bye for now and good luck with the site!! I'm super impressed. p.s. I too have a husband-from-God, we are toooooo "lucky"!!!!


First of all, let me say that your site is wonderful! It's so well thought out and I love the design! It's so you....I love it...looking forward to more. The links are great and will come in handy when I spoil my adorable nephew!

Congratulations and Good Luck!


Hey there, Lucky Mom. Fantastic website. I am privileged to be only the 2nd male (right behind Lucky Dad) to comment here thus far. I'll be tuning in daily to check out your adventures. You should consider going global: "Lucky Mom in the Himalayas" or "Lucky Mom Breaks Vegas." Maybe even a spinoff? Perhaps, "Son of Lucky Mom." I smell a Lifetime Television series deal in the works here. Best of luck and I will certainly spread the word.


What a great blog! I love the layout & design, too - nice job LD :-D Glad I happened up on this.

I'm a single mother of two myself (9 & 14yo now), but I enjoy hanging with other moms and will be by to keep up with the 'news'!

Lynn Terry


I love your web design... very first rate. I think it will be great to have one site to go to for all of your baby needs. You have impeccable taste that anyone can count on. I agree that you are one lucky mom. You have a perfect son and a dream husband, not to mention that he’s really cute too with an adorable British accent.

Yes, I’m one of those latte drinking mom’s sitting on the bench chatting with the other moms. Usually we’re laughing at all the “Kristine” stories.


Wow - thanks everyone for such kind words! You're reinforcing why I coined the term for the website name!


Hey Lucky Mom! What a terrific website-this serves as a huge inspiration and motivation for me and my future website-so thank you for that! I was so excited about your idea and your site that I emailed many friends and clients and asked them to pass this on-in multiple states! I have heard back from a few moms and they are pumped about what you're doing!!! Congrats!!! I can't wait to see how this grows.....


hey! i logged on just to get to your new blog, but nothing new? it would be great like the Aussie guy said to have some cute stories and comments daily. if not daily, weekly? what's the plan? looking forward to the "Kristine" stories Michelle refers to all the time. you could also bring up topics for discussion with all the moms?
also, there were some great fleece jammies we all got when the kids were one~ish, two piece with feet, they were the softest, Anne, maybe Michelle and I got them, any idea what they were? Polar Babies? or something like that, might be another good link for you.


Jen T. Thanks for the comment and passing 'it' on!


Joni - I've added a couple of new posts you may be interested in! Thanks for coming back and for the jammies product info!


Wow Kristine!! You are way creative as well as a LUCKY MOM. You are also very funny... Awesome site and wonderful idea. How do I get on this gig? HA! I can't imagine hitting Nordy's anymore without going through my friend! I will check back later! Got a kid to get to practice! Muwah!


Lynn T. - thanks for stopping by and drop in anytime!


Hi Lucky Mom! What an awesome site..not to mention beautifully done!!!
Being the Mommy of a nearly 3 year old myself, I find your website to be both useful and entertaining!!! I wil tell other moms about your website.
Way to go Lucky Mom!


hi! i've been away for awhile and now that i have come back to your site there are so many new blogs, i'm overwhelmed! you go girl! i'd like to suggest though that maybe you might be able to have your newest blog be the one that greats us when we arrive on the site, rather than have to search for it for those of us that have missed some. it would be a nice change for those of that return often to have something new to view right off. just a suggestion. i'll try to catch up quick.


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